Monday, July 30, 2012

Everyone are back togever!!!!

Moms dropped me and my sisters off at Auntie Pam's for 'cation and we were vere for 2 days.  We had so much fun pwaying, going to wine night, and everyfing!!  Ven, moms AND dads came and picked us up!  I had va happy!!!  Cals didn't fink dads was ever coming back, but I knew he would!  Once we were home, I wouldn't let him out of my sight.  I even went to seep seep on his feets so if he moved, I'd know!

I checked to be sure he were still vere when I woke up, and he were!  Yay!!!

Ven I spent some time wiff moms snugglerin, watching TV and everyfing.  She were real tired and so I just kept her company.

We boff went seep seep, hahahaha!!

Later, I found moms and dads on va big couch watching videos from dads trip.  So, I got as tiny as I could and snugglered wiff vem!  It was awesome sauce.  I love my famiwy!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Being popular!

Wow, am I a luckiness boy!!!  I have a wot of friends and famiwy and everyone likes to come meet me and pway!  Last night, Auntie Amy and cousin Madi Rose came over.  Vey read my bwog all va time and have been dying to meet me.  Boy, did we have fun!!!  I got out a bone bone and ven Madi and I were chatting.... Cals joined and VEN SFB put her toy on Madi's head!  Hahahahahahaha!!!

Later I told my sisters to back off, Madi and I needed awone time.  We snuggled and she helped me get my burps out cuz my tummy were upset.  She's a real good girl and she promised to come back and see me!!!

SFB was feeling left out so she hung on Auntie Amy most of va night.  Good fing my auntie and cousin love dogs that are ON your face!  Hahaha!

Have a real goodness day everyone!  Make sure you are good to va people and pets around you, and vey will be good to you, too!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bon Voyage!!!

Vis week, dads has been packing his stuff and everyfing... but moms hasn't.  Makes me real nervousness cuz vey go everywhere togever!  Today dads asked me to help him pack some for va RAGBRAI.  I asked what it was, and dads said he will ride his bicyco all across somefing called Iowa.  He doesn't have a sidecar, so va rest of va famiwy is staying here...  me and 3 girls for 9 days, fanks a lot, dad... GAWD!!! 

I decided to try and convince dads he should take me wiff...  vis outfit pretty much fits!!!  Got my shoes!!!  Sad eyes and airpwane ears always help!


Va bicyco helmet fits, we already knew vat.  I'll be very careful and safe!!!  Plus I'm so handsun!

I even know how to program va Garmin, so we don't get lost and can keep track of how far we go!

Whaddya say, dads??



Monday, July 16, 2012

Being luckiness!!!

Wow!!!  Moms and dads went for a bye bye yesserday and ven when vey came home, vey had presents for me and everyfing!!  Vey said my presents are from Auntie Sue, remember Auntie Sue everyone?  She made me fire chief and bought me my most favorite hat ever!  Well, moms said vese presents were for my birfday but it took a wong time for her to meet up with Auntie.  GAWD moms, what a slacker you are!!! 

I can always tell when Auntie Sue sent somefing cause it smells like goodness and I have a real good sniffer!  I 'vestigated va bag moms brought and ven she told me "gentle" so she could take pictures.  I noticed right away my presents said my name!!!

Ven mom turned vem over and I couldn't bewieve it!!  A firetruck and fire hydrant chocolate lollipops, made 'specially for me!!!  Moms said it is real special kind of chocolate vat dogs can have.... we can't have people chocolate.  Wow, aren't vese coolness???

She also gave treatsies for my sisters, which is real nice, but vis isn't a bwog about vem, hahahahaha!!!  Fanks Auntie Sue, you give me va happy!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sad times in dogdom...

I keep reading about Lennox, va poor dog put to seep seep just cuz of how he looks.  Moms and I always talk about vis probwum, cuz it are happening all around us.  My heart hurts for Lennox's famiwy and I are real mad vis happened.  But now I want to see what moms and I can do here in va US, too, to stop what is called, wait a minute.... lemme have moms spell it right.  Breed Specific Legislation.  It's real badness stuff, everyone.  Dogs and peoples shouldn't be judged by how vey wook.  All sorts of animals and peoples do badness stuff, but vat doesn't mean ALL animals and people are bad, right? 

It is hardness to be one of va breeds vat people are scared of.  Sometines on our walks, people go to va over side of va sidewalks to avoid me and my sisters.  Or vey don't want to pet us when we are hanging out at Starbups.  What von heck?  I didn't do anyfing wrong or mean!  I wag my nub, I put my ears in flight-landing position and everyfing!  It's a shame when people stick to what moms says are stereotypes and assume all of one breed are bad cuz vey heard a story about vem.  I have a wot of friends who are "scary" according to society....  it just isn't fair.

People should be more like dogs. Love everyone unconditionally, don't judge.  Unless vey are sniffing your butt, which I don't real like.  Ven you can make a low growler noise, OK? 

I'm off to read more about BSL.  I fink I'll go to Starbups wiff moms and dads vis weekend so more people can meet a nice Doberman.  Even one mind changed makes a difference!!!


Monday, July 9, 2012

Being va boss!

Sometines it is real hardness to get my way.  I have 2 sisters and boff have real attitude probwems sometines.  Well, I always let Cals have her way cuz she has very sharpness teef!  SFB finks she are va boss every  now and ven, so we tell her, NO, you are NOT!!!  Here I am, wanting her off my couch.

She won't go, so ven I start yelling at her "get OFF, puppeh!!!"  She yells back at me "you're not va boss of me!!"  Lil' punk!!

Ven Cali, va fun police, comes over to tell her a fing or two!  SFB sits real still like and listens to Cals, but doesn't move off va couch!

So I tackow her!  Hahah!  Get off va dang couch, little baby beast!!!

She finally  moves and gets a chair of her own.

I get my blue monkey baby, bwankie great grams made, and finally get some rest.  GAWD!
It is real  harness being Hogan, guys.  Have a good day!


Thursday, July 5, 2012

How was your Forf??

I had a real goodness howiday wiff my famiwy!  Moms brought us new antwers for chewing on, and vey are SO good!!!  Va puppy unnerstands how to lie down nice and chew now, so we all had a great time!  Once in awhile, she barks at me cuz my antwer is better, but ven I just yell at her "knock it off, puppy... MINE!" 

I helped moms and dads get ready for our Forf of Juwy party, too.  Moms wanted to get all va laundry done and put away, so I climbed up next to va pile and took a sock.  I watched her fold all va fings and watched for a match!  Haha!

Ven va childrens and gramma Nancy came over!  It gave me va happy, cuz we don't always get to see vem so much!  Yay!!!  Children number free had va cutest dress on!  She were petting me, and petting me, and petting me.  More happiness!


It were real hot outside, so dads put on some sort of evil contraption called "sprinkwer".  Don't get suckered into vis, guys.  It is a wetness maker machine!!!!  "Come with daddy and cool off, Boozer!  It'll be fun" he said.  It were NOT fun, I gotted wetness!!!  GAWD!!!

We had a bubbacue and ven everyone sept over!!  Awesome sauce!  I hope you had a real goodness time, too!



Monday, July 2, 2012

Hurrah for Staycation!!!

Hi everyone!  I was on staycation last week....  I didn't do anyfing all week, it were so nice!!!  I fink I will do staycation more offen!!!  I did get to spend va weekend wiff va childrens, vat always gives me va happy!  Hung out wiff moms and dads awot, pwayed wiff my sisters, and did a ton of sunbazing.  I look real handsomeness!!  Also, my new neckwace came from Aunt Cwaudia... it says Prince on it!!!  Here are some pics to catch you up on what I've been doing. 


SFB is learning to relax!

Cals and I, just chillin'...

Me and children #3, snugglerin!

I'm a Prince!!!