Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Being fankful

Moms always says we should be fankful for fings every day, not just on fanksgiving.  And I am.  But I fought it was 'bout time I do anover bwog, so Fanksgiving Day is a good time, right?

I am fankful for a wots of stuff.  Like, moms, dads, children 1, children 2, children 3, gramma Judi, gramma Marcia, Papa, gramma Nancy, Unca Jim, Unca Jeff who I never met but moms said would've real loved me, and all my extended aunties, uncas, and friends.

I am fankful for kibbles in my bowl every single day, 2 times, even!  Also, I real like treatsies.  I'm fankful moms and dads are goodness people who always love me and pet me and tell me I'm awesome sauce.

I am fankful for my sisters, Cals and SFB.  We have so much fun togever!  I'm real fankful it's almost Cals birfday cuz ven I can wear a birfday hat!  Oh, I'm so fankful for whoever created birfday hats!!

I am fankful for everyone who helps animals in need, like rescues and shelters and foster peoples, va dockers, transporters, and everyone.  Vere are so many poor homeless pets out vere, and we are lucky to have so many vowunteers who try veir best to help!

I am fankful for sunshine and sunbazing.  Also, my bone bones, beds, my old condo vat SFB rents but I still hang out in sometines, my big huge deck, and even vo I'm a working breed, I'm glad moms doesn't make me punch a clock.

Most of all, I'm fankful for feeling loved.  Life is good for vis boy!

Happy Fanksgiving, everyone!  Make sure your pets don't get into your food and get sickness, OK? Also, make sure your loved ones know you are fankful.  Like, I say "Fanks Mommy & Daddy" a wot!