Thursday, June 21, 2012

Being a teacher...

Moms and I met up wiff my Auntie Sandra and her boy, MonTaj at va park.  It were a real nice night out!  MonTaj is going to take his Canine Good Citizen test soon, and moms and Auntie S were talking all 'bout it and practicing some fings.  I helped be va teacher, cuz I have my CGC and am a good boy!! 

Here's a picture of me at va wetness maker fing (moms says it's called "fountain").... it sprayed va wetness on me, so I stuck my tongue out, hahaha!!

Vis is MonTaj... he are real handsun and real smartness, too!  Auntie Sandra 'dopted him from IDR+ when he were just a baby puppy!!!!  Now he are all growed up :-) He goes to school wiff her for sniffing stuff and also 'bedience! 

Monty also has a real cool neckwace, wiff peace signs and rainbows on it!  I real like vat neckwace!!!

After we practiced some 'bedience stuff, we all sat around and talked and everyfing.  Vere was awot of good stuff on va ground to eat, but moms kept saying "out of your mouf!" so ven 'Taj and I just hung out.  Aren't we 'dorable???


Before I knew it, we had to go back home.  I jumped up on va picnic table and snugglered wiff my Auntie for a wittle bit.  She always knows just what to say and where to scratch my head!!!

Ven I had to snuggler wiff moms, so she wouldn't be jealousness.  I real love my moms!!!

Have a good day everybody, OK???


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Being a fire chief

When I was still a baby puppy, moms used to take me for long walks all va time.  One morning, we were almost home from our walk and we heard a real loudness BANG noise.  Moms said "oh no, oh no" and ven I wooked and saw vis car all banged up and ven vere was anover car banged up and broken pieces everywhere.  Moms and I ran over vere and a girl got out of one car and was crying and had bleeding on her!  Moms told her not to move too much and va girl sat on va curb by side of va road.  Moms made sure va powice were cawed and ven we sat wiff vis girl who was so sad and it made me sad.  So I got into her lap, real gentleness like and she hugged me and hugged me.  I even got a wittle of her bleed on me, but I didn't car cuz she was so upset.  I kissed her face and made va tears go all away!  Ven we heard va most awesome noise ever!  Moms calls vem "sirems".  Woo woo wooooooooooooo!!!!  My whole hiney was wagging cuz vat noise was so AWESOME!  A big huge truck came and people got out of it to help va girl and va over car people.  Moms said "look at the firetruck, Bogie!"  I could hardly contain my small self!  Moms talked to all va people for a bit and helped va girl get in anover truck with sirens, called ambulance.  Moms and I started walking home, but I just HAD to check out va fire truck, so I jumped in as we walked passed.  It was SO cool! Ven a man walked up and said "hey, what are you doing in here??"  I could feel moms get nervous, cuz my weash was on and it was trembling.  Moms was 'pologizing to va fire chief man, but ven he said "You look like a real good boy.  Are you a good boy??"  I jumped up and tried to kiss him, and we giggled.  I begged him to make va sirems go off again, and he did!  He said I could be a fireman!

Ven my Auntie Sue sent me my own fire chief hat!!!  OMG!  It's my favorite hat, ever!!!


Monday, June 18, 2012

Costume party!!!

My weekend was awesome sauce!!!  Va childrens were here and we had so much fun togever!  Va only part that wasn't good was vere were NO birfday party hats for children #3s party!  GAWD!  But, I got to wear her new hat, and it was so neat!

I also got to wear some of children #1s shorts, hahaha!  I'm real hansome, aren't I???  He kept saying he didn't have any shorts here, but I found vem and brought vem downstairs to him!!

In over news, Sarah Farah Bearah real likes to snuggler and now she wants to snuggler wiff me all va time!  Probly cause I'm so smart and everyfing like vat.  Least she doesn't bite much anymore, haha!

Sometines, vo, I want to be weft awone to seep seep!  Vat is my pwan today, awots of seep seep!  Vose childrens wore me out!

Have a good day, OK???


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Peepow fink Dobermans are scary???

Yesserday moms and SFB came home from va docker and ven we were all pwaying in va house.  I saw somefing outside va back door and went to 'vestigate.  OMGAWD!!!!  A lady was standing right in our yard and even touching our deck!  What von heck, lady???  So I barked and ran to get moms, cuz moms taught me stranger danger!  Cals and SFB start barking like va freaks vey are, ven moms came in to see what va trouble was.
Me:  "Moms, crazy person touching mine own deck out vere!"
Moms:  "Settle down everyone, let me see what she wants"
Me: "Moms!!  You can't go out vere!!  She could be dangerousness!!"
Moms: "Relax, Boo, it'll be fine."
SFB: "Ooooh, lady lady lady, are you a burbler??  I make pee pee!!!"
Cali: "OMG, get me outta this place.  You all crazy!!  And also, is that a bird out there by the pond?  That bird is going DOWN!!"
Me: "Guys, come ON.  Moms is trying to take care of bizness.  Stay quiet, but wook feroshush!"
Moms went outside and va lady didn't seem to understand why she shouldn't be standing in our yard.  Moms 'splained it is our YARD, and also how rude to upset us (va dogs).  Va lady said real not nice fings, and ven Moms told va lady fings I'm not allowed to say...  I don't fink va lady will be back.  Vey say Dobermans are scary, but I wouldn't make my moms mad, if I were you!  Hahaha!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Puppy are sickness!

Poor SFB has a sick hiney.  She were sick all day yesserday and all night, too.  Moms and dads will take her to va docker today.  I don't fink she feels real badness, vo, cuz she keeps jumping on me and wants to pway, and everyfing!  I looked right at her and said "Sarah, you are sickness, OK???  Settle down and rest, OK????"  Ven she jumped on my head again.... sigh.  Cals told her she smells and shouldn't make business in va house.  Cals are real rude sometines.

Moms gave SFB a baff in va wetness maker machine.  I hid downstairs, in case moms got any bright ideas to give me a baff too.  GAWD no!!!  When SFB came downstairs, I helped her dry off by cleaning her fur.  Ven I put her in her crate for seep seep.  I hope she are feel better soon!!



Monday, June 11, 2012

Teaching two fings at once!

First off, I hope everyone had a real goodness weekend!  I know I did!  We got to pway wiff our friend, Jessie, who came over on Saturday and hung out wiff me and my sisters.  Here she is, trying to get a picture of her and Cals, but I figured I should be in it, too!

Yesserday, moms was home wiff us and dads had to work for a wittle bit.  I did awot of sunbazing and ven when dads got home, we had a bubbacue and our Auntie Pam even came over!!!  Ven, it was time to work on training wiff Sarah Farah Bearah.  I taughted her 2 fings!

First, don't hog all va toys!  Look at vat pile of toys by her feet, what a wittle hoarder!!!  I also taughted her 'bout stalking, cuz I'm real good at vat!!!  First, I said "OK, SFB, step away from all vose toys, or I'm gonna get you!  OK???  I will stalk you!!"

Ven I said "OK, you didn't move or get rid of va toys, so here I come!  Coming in real cwose!!!"  She still didn't do anyfing, so I ran away and tried again. 

Vis time, I told her about proper ways to pway and stalk.... "See puppy, I walk slowly by your face, no hackles, and I keep my body curved... vat means I'm not angry, OK???"  Ven she jumped on my face.  :-/  I will try again!!  Have a good day, everyone, and everyfing!!!


Friday, June 8, 2012

Down puppy, D-O-W-N!!

I've been working real hardness on teaching vis puppy about Down.  She are stubborn and also has real sharpness teef she likes to bite on me wiff.  GAWD!!!

Here I am saying "Down, puppy!"  She were biting my face so I grabbed her and held her vere for a minute...

I turned away from her but kept a close eye on va wittle beast.  Cals came up to tell us we are cuckoo.  GAWD Cals, go away, I'm busy being va trainer!!

SFB finally stayed in her down, so I could rest.  I hope we don't get anover puppy, vis one is wiping me out!!! I'm real gwad it's va weekend and moms will be here to help me more.  I need to get some sunbazing in and some seep seep!  Have a great weekend, OK????


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kill va bed, kill it dead :-(

Sometines, moms lets me, Cals, and Sarah Farah Bearah pway downstairs by ourselves.  I mean, Cals and I are always free in va house, but SFB isn't cuz she still makes va potty business inside - GAWD!  So sometines moms and I take her outside and ven, if she are good girl, she can be running around wiff us inside.  Moms did vat wast night and went upstairs to do somefing.  She said "everyone behave!" and so I did.  But va girls made up a new game called "Kill va bed, kill it dead!".  Vey asked me to bite a hole in one of va beds, so I did.  VEN vey told me veir pwan.  OMG!!!  I was duped!  Vey started ripping out all va stuffing from va bed and put it all over va kitchen!

Moms came downstairs and said "it's awful quiet in here.... what the heck?  What are you dogs doing???"  So I ran over to her to 'splain vat vese girls MADE me break va bed and ven VEY killed it!!!

Dads came in after moms cweaned up.  I snugglered wiff him, hoping he didn't know what happened.  But he always knows and I can't keep my mouf shut.  He told me not to let va girls peer pressure me like vat, cuz he knows I'm such a good boy.  I have va best dads and moms ever!

SFB was real saddness when moms frew out all va stuffing.  She were trying to pull it outta moms hands, haha!!

So we are down to 1 nice bed and 1 bed wiff a big hole in it and not much stuffing.  We used to have a dozen beds, but vese girls keep killing vem :-(  It's hard having cuckoo bean sisters.


Friday, June 1, 2012

I wanna be like dads...

I will not write a poem for my dads, cuz he isn't real fond of vem like moms is.  So I was finking of what to do vat makes him happy.... art work!!!  He real likes to draw and also make big fings to hang on va wall, like vis:

I don't know how to do vat, but I real like to make fings out of my toys and bone bones.  So wast night, while moms and dads were eating and I was 'posed to be watching va girls, I made vis!

Dads real liked it!!!   He smiled and everyfing and told me I'm such a good, cwever boy!  It gave me va happy :-)  I'm also happy cuz va childrens come vis weekend!  Have a great time, friends!