Sunday, August 26, 2012

Being a puppy!

Vis one is real funness, and may take a couple of bwogs to write about, cuz I was va awesome sauciest puppy, ever!  Moms even says so!  I fink I told you all I was born in Kentucky.  I don't know what vat means, but moms always reminds me.  My doggy mom's name was Demmi and my doggy daddy is Rayman.   My first hooman mommy is mama Karin, and she is so awesome!  She has a real sweet voice and is super niceness to everyone and everyfing!  I have 1 black sister and 1 black brover and 2 red brovers!  'Livia (who is a momma now and I have va cutest nieces and nephews!), Dej, Dax, & Skyler are everyone's names.  We all live in different parts of va country, moms says, so I don't see vem anymore.  I have wots of pics from when we still lived togever vo!  Here are just a few vat make me smiler...

Here I am at 4 weeks old, wiff my brovers and sister.  Look how tiny we were!  I'm chewing on my sister, Olivia, hahaha!!  I was red collar boy!

Vis is me walking 'round mama Karin's house.  I was always real independent, vey say.  I like to check fings out!

Vis is me, being so adorable!  My friend Kay is holding me.  She wanted me and my brover Skyler, but ended up wiff Skyler so I got to come to moms!

Vis is me at 10 weeks old, being stacked.  I was 'posed to be a show dog, but couldn't cuz I was a uniballer.  Moms didn't care, she loved me no matter what!  Moms says vis is va first picture she ever saw of me!

Mama Karin and Papa Steve used to call me Spike. Sometines mom still calls me vat, haha!  But I real like Being Hogan.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Crazy girls

Vis one was suggested by Amy P-N!  She said "There is nothing greater than reading about your crazy girls!"  Well, I could write all day, every day 'bout vose two knuckleheads, hahaha!  

My big sister, Cals, is real funny.  Like, she doesn't real care when moms or dads tell her to do stuff and everyfing.  Also, she is naughty like a puppy!  She started destroying va carpet va over night cuz she were mad moms went out wiffout her!  OMG Cals, naughty business!  She doesn't real like when me and my little sister pway, cuz we use a wot of space and sometines we bump right into her.  So ven she makes bitey face at us and growlers!  If we don't wisten, ven she puts her big mouf around our necks and makes us lie down - whoa crazy girl!  Cals just wants to eat and seep seep, mostly vese days.  She still smiles all va time, 'specially for dads.  She is sutbborn vo... Moms says to her "come ON ya old bat" a wot, hahaha!  Moms says she calls her vat wiff love <3

My little sister, Sarah Farrah Bearah, is a hot mess.  She is real nice and super sweet but she is a few light bulbs short of, somefing.  Hahahaha!  I still work wiff her a wot on manners, how to pway nice, and I tell her all va time "no pee pee or poodle in vis house, SFB!".  Sometines she wistens, sometines she doesn't.  Like yesserday, she pinkled right on dads foot!!  Also, she is finally reawizing jumping on Cals is NOT a good idea! She calls Cals the Fun Powice, hahahaha!  SFB goes to our Auntie Pam's house a wot to pway wiff over spastic dogs.  She's real niceness to vem and gets vem tired!  Ven she seep seeps a wot, which is nice for all of us!

Boff girls are silly business, but I real love vem cuz vey are my famiwy and moms taughted us to always be good to famiwy and friends.  



Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New hobbies!

Vis one was suggested by my Auntie Christina!  I asked moms what hobbies are.  She said sunbazing is one. Well, I can't imagine anyfing better van vat!  Auntie Christina said maybe skateboarding, hahaha!  So I've been doing research on skateboarding.  I fink I might be able to do it!  I was real goodness at 'gility, and like the va teeter is a skinny board and everyfing, so maybe vis would be like vat?!?  I also read about a guy named Tony Hawk, and I fink my name would be Hogie Dawg \m/  Rock on, dudes!!

I know vere are some dogs vat skateboard and even read 'bout a Cockatiel vat likes it!  Seems like a wot of Bulldogs like it, I wonder if my friend Newton skateboards?  I'll have to ask Auntie Pam ;-)  He probly would like a skateboard a wot more van walking, hahaha!!

I looked around va house and asked moms and dads for a skateboard.  No luck.  I will ask my childrens, as I know va boys have vem.  Dads did find a snowboard, vo, and I might try vat when va white wetness maker goes on vis winter!

I will try different fings, if you suggestions let me know, OK?


Monday, August 20, 2012

Hopes and dreams....

Fanks to my FB friends and famiwy, I'm going to be writing about fings vey suggested.  Va first one is my hopes and dreams.  I'm not real for sure what vat means.  I know I hope for steak dinner a wot, and also my own seep seep number bed, cuz I real like moms and dads bed.  I hope we never get anover puppy, cuz vis one is driving me cuckoo!  I hope moms and dads never have to work again so we can be togever all va days long.  Also I hope all my rescue friends get homes and some day, no more of vem go into rescue.  I hope we get a huge yard, like Auntie Pam's, cuz vat is awesome sauce.  I hope my butt stops being so angry!

I dream a wot!  Somtines I dream vat I am a horsey and I can run real fastness!!  I dream I'm still a puppy and am nursing from my dam, hahah!  My sister Cals dreams she is a zebra and makes va funniest noises, hahaha!!

Vat is all I know 'bout dreams and hopes :-)  How'd I do, Auntie Amy??


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I'm back!!

Hi everyone, and everyfing!!  I've been real busy ness doing stuff and everyfing like vat.  We got new couches and a new screen door, so I've had a wot to sniff and investigate lately.  Also I've been training va puppy more, cuz she needs all kinds of help!  GAWD, puppy, grow up already!  Here are some pics of some stuff..

 I fell to seep seep waiting for va 'puter.  Dads was real busy doing stuff, and everyfing.  I real like to snuggler wiff him, so I waited and waited, and ven couldn't stay awake any more!
 Me and dads on va new couches!  Moms says it's va same couches, but vis is softer and also matches me!  Dads said "don't go on the couch, Boozer" so I climbed on him instead!
 Teaching puppy to just lie down and be normal.  It's real hardness work!!
 Here is SFB behind va big door, looking at va screen door she mutiwated.  Moms couldn't stand looking at it anymore, so...
She bought vis screen fwap fingy.  It's pretty niceness, but sometimes Cals can't see it real well and just runs into it and tears va whole fing down!!  I keep trying to help her get frew it va right way, poor girl.

Well, I hope everyone is doing real goodness.  I have a wot of fings to bwog about now, fanks to my Facebook friends.  Some I don't unnerstand but I will write anyway.  Stay tuned!!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Being bedless

Fanks to my crazy sisters, we have NO doggie beds weft.  NONE.  Zero.  Ziwch.  Noffing.  OK, so we have couches and hooman beds, but my doggie beds were nice cuz I could move vem around to my favorite spots and seep seep my day away.  Now I have to resort to being cwever...

Vis is some sort of frow rug fing, wiff a bwankie.  I decided to seep seep by my little puppy sister, to keep her company.  I set it up next to va toy box, so I could just lean over and grab my bone bones!

Sometimes I seep seep on va carpet, wiff NO bwankie even.  Lots of times my sisters join me, moms calls it synchronized seep seep!

Last night, I found a pile of dads clothes and made an awesome sauce bed out of vem! 

Moms says if we ever stop chewing and eating va doggie beds, we'll have vem again.  I guess it isn't so bad wiffout...  time to climb on va couch while no one are here to bust me!  Have a good day, everyone!