Monday, June 10, 2013

Being a foster bruvver, again!

Yesserday, moms and dads went out and ven when vey came home, vey brought a new doggie home!  Vey say she is just our foster.  Her name are "No L".  I fink va "L" stands for "leg" cuz she is missing a leg!!  She are a real beeyootiful girl and is real nice to me, too!  We are fostering her for va group we vowunteer wiff, Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus
 Vis is No L and dads.  See, her back leg is gone!  Moms said she gotted hit by a car and ven her leg fell off or somefing like vat.  Aww, poor girl!  Whenever she sees cars, she real wants to chase vem.  Moms and dads said she will need a furever home wiff a fenced yard so she can't get away and chase cars ever again!

She real loves va bed she came wiff.  She is so good and just lies vere, chewing bones or seep seeping.  Aww, good girl!

Vis morning, I was tired of waiting for our formal introduction.  Moms and dads insist on s-l-o-w intros wiff new dogs.  Vey say vat gives us all a chance to sniff each uvver, pway on opposite sides of va gate and everyfing, but no one can get hurted.  Well, I could tell No L is a real goodness girl, so when moms was in va baffroom vis morning, I opened va gate and went in to meet her.  Va look on moms face when she came out was priceless, haha!  I was just hanging wiff my new friend, vo!  Here we are, waiting for cookies.

I just know we will find va perfeck home for vis beauty.  I hope peepow don't worry about her missing leg, cuz she runs and pways just like me and SFB.  She real loves to snuggler, too!! Here is more info about my beeyootiful foster sissy and a wot of pictures. 

So if you or anyone you know want to meet her or adopt her, make sure you go to our website, fill out va application, and go frew vat process to get approved, OK?  How to adopt from IDR+

Keep an eye on my Facebook, I'm sure we will have a wot of pictures of No L vere!  Also, consider vowunteering in your community, OK??  It makes me feel real goodness when I do!