Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pwaying 'gility!!!

Fwashback to 2006...
Moms and I would get in va car a lot and drive forever to va best pwace, ever... school!!!  I made awot of puppy friends and people friends and we started to learn 'gility!  I am not afraid of any of va 'gility stuff because mom says I have no fear.  As a puppy, we learned tunnels and where our butts were mostly...  I wuvvvvv va tunnel!  Whenever I see one I go "vroom" right into it and ven come out and run around like crazy!
In va next few years, moms worked very hard (I fink so at least, her face wooked serious!) to teach me all sorts of 'gility and 'bedience fings.  I am very smart and know vem all but sometimes I cannot wait for moms or teachers so I just do my own fing :-)  Everyone else in class finks it is real funny and ven I do even more stuff!  Moms turns red and ven gets me by the collar and we have to sit down.... party pooper, moms!!!

Here are some of va fings I learned to do:

Paws table:  Moms says "up" and ven I go and put my paws on vis table fing.  Sometines she says sit, sometines she says down, and sometines she says stand.  I don't know why she always changes her mind.

A-Frame:  Ohhhh, vis one is like, awesome sauce!  You run and climb vis fing and ven go flying off va top!!  Well, moms doesn't seem to like when I do vat, but it is so much fun!  Ven I have to redo it and moms tells me "easy easy easy.... touch!" on va way down and ven I get cookies!

Tunnel:  Moms says "tunnel" and away I go!!  Somtines I just go in va tunnel cuz it is so fun, even though moms said to do somefing else!

Shoot:  Vis one confuses me... at home if moms says "shoot", she is upset.  So when she says "shoot" at school I look around and ven she points at vis shoot and says "it's ok, GO!" and ven I run like crazy to get out of vat fing.  One time it got tangled in my big feet and ven I was stuck.  Once moms and BonBon got me out, I bited it and shook it... stupid fing!!!

Walk it:  I like to go very fast over vis one, too.  Moms always says "easy, easy, easy" and ven "touch it" when I come down.  Sometines I just jump off the down ramp and ven moms says "oopsy, let's try again!".

Teeter:  Vis one is stupid.  It makes big noises and one tine my paw got stuck in va bendy part.  Booo, teeter.  Booooo!!  But I do it cuz moms asks me to.

Over:  I love to run real fast and ven leap over vese.  Moms says I am so gorgeous when I jump over.  Sometimes they are all over va pwace and I have to watch mom real cwose so I go to va right one!

Through:  I not sure who came up wiff vis one... looks like a tire hanging in va air.  Mom's yells "frew" and sometimes I go frew va bottom, sometimes frew va middle.  Moms and I worked on vis one a lot and now I always go in va middle.  One tine, moms yelled "over" when we came to vis and I tried to go over va top.  Geesh, moms, get your commands straight!!

Weave-weave-weave:  Vese are pole fings and I have to in and out and in and out of vem.  Moms sounds real funny when we do vis one, her voice goes high and she keeps saying weave weave weave.  Sometines I mess vem up just to start over and hear her ;-)  Moms bought some for our house to practice on!

I really love 'gility.  Moms and I have time to ourselves to run and pway togever and everyfing!  You should ask your moms to take you, too.  It is va best!


New neckwaces!!!

Our Auntie Claudia makes neckwaces for dogs... she also makes jackets and somefing called Snoods (haha, that makes me giggle!).  And also, she loves horsies and makes blankets for vem!  Here are our newest neckwaces from Aunti Claudia... you can look at her website at    She makes horses cozy, and everyfing!!

Mine are vis color... looks real nice on my dark red fur!  Moms always pways music at home and in my car, and says we are all rock stars!!

I are so handsome, dontcha fink?

Cals is real nice, too...  I like vis color awot!!!  Moms says we can trade if I want to.  Cals says not nice words about vat!

My sister doesn't feel so good today but will always do what moms asks...

Moms says we almost have enough neckwaces to change every day of va month.  I wish we would cuz I hate wearing va same fing every day.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm firsty!!!

I get firsty awot.  Moms says its from my memicine... I want waters allllll va time!  Sometines moms and dads aren't watching me to see vat I want waters, so I make it real clear for vem. 

First, I stand by my water bowl and stare at vem... sometines I let out a few noises.

 If vat doesn't work, I flip my bowl over.... put one paw in front of va dish and one paw inside of va dish...
... and vere ya go!

Ven I usually sneeze in disgust and walk away....  moms will say "sorry Boozer, did you want a drink?"  Gawd moms, pays attention!!


Monday, February 27, 2012

I've got mad skillz!

All my life, Cals has been beating me up.  But vat is all changing!  I know how to bust a move now, and dads cheers me on "get her Boozer!!  Don't let her take you out!"

Vis is how I smack her down, sometines right in her face!

Vat makes her real madness at me!  Hahaha!!  She makes her "b" face, and ven, I make my man face back at her!
Look how tough I am!!  Take vat, Cals!  Moms says we are too rough and we should take it outside...

Take vat!!!  Haha, she ran away.  I'm va winner!!!


I saw Dr Paul again...

He is va nicest man!  I didn't have to have anyfing done cept my nails cuz moms says they grow like talons.  We took Cals in to Dr Paul for somefing, ven moms and dads and Dr Paul were worried.  Now Cals has memicine... here we are at va vet, sitting nice.

When we got home, Cals was wild and started to pway bitey-face/kissy-snout wiff me.  She is a crazy girl and we have a lot of fun!  She are feeling better now I fink, she keeps pinning me to the ground!

Moms says I have to be easy-gentle wiff Cals cuz she is old lady and not feeling well.  But ven Cals bites on me and hits on me and I have to get her back!  Gawd, moms, you just don't unnerstand!!! 

I hope Cals gets better from vis memicine.  She is my bestest buddy. 


Friday, February 24, 2012

I don't like wetness...

I woke up vis morning, had my breffist and got ready to head outside to do my business and vis is what I saw!

I real don't like the white wetness.  Moms talked to me in her most special sweet voice that gives me the happy, "Come on Boo-Bear, time to head out... just make it quick, you'll be back in before you know it.... let's go baby boy!"  Ven she shoved me out va door!!  I did make it quick cuz I'm pretty sure vat stuff will melt me!!  Sometines when you go out in va wetness, the floor in va house becomes sipperdy.  You have to be careful or you will fall.  My sister Cals fell this morning and moms helped her up.  I tried to ask how she was doing but she made the "b" face at me.  Gawd!  I was just trying to be helpful, meanie!

Ven I had to shake my paws all around to get the foot balls of wetness out.  Moms doesn't enjoy vat, cuz I leave the little balls all over va house!

Dads is outside wiff a loud machine making the wetness go away.  My dads is the best at taking care of us. 

Well, time to surf va net for a bit.  Sunbazing later, and tonight va childrens come!!  Ve only time I will pway in va wetness is if va childrens want to... it is very hard to say no to vem!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sisters.... gawd!!!!

When I was a baby, I had one sister.  Her name is Olivia and she is black.  Now I have a sister (but not from my litter, moms says) who is named Cali and is also black.  Boff of vem like to beat me up and cause trouble.  I haven't seen Olivia since I was little, but she used to drag me around by my head...  Cals causes trouble and tries to make me take va bwame!!  Last night, moms and dads went out for a little bit and Cals decided to turn dads new magazine into a party.  As soon as she grabbed va magazine, I hid, like vis:

Vat way if moms and dads came home while Cals was being naughty, vey would know I wasn't doing it!

Cals worked on vat magazine va whole time.  I kept telling her to stop it but she didn't listen.  She danced in it like a ding bat and everyfing!  Here's what it looked like when moms and dads came home:

"What happened here??" moms said.  I asplained to her vat I was innocent!  She said "I know it wasn't you, Boo, go in the kitchen for now" so I did.  Ven dads said "Cali, what is your deal??  You know not to eat stuff, naughty girl!"  Cals looked over at me!!!!  Moms said "nice try, *$(^&" and ven Cali went into va kitchen wiff me, dads didn't even have to tell her.

Moms and dads cleaned up and everyfing was fine.  I chewed some bone-bones and ven went to seep on one of va beds.  Cals got up and tried to bury me!

What va heck, Cals???  I are being a good boy, you should take a lesson!

It is hard to have black girls for sisters... vat is all I know.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Everyfing in its pwace...

I have a toy box... a big toy box full of bone-bones and squeakies.  No stuffies in vere cuz I kill vem and moms gets a funny look on her face and frows the carcass away.  I love to chew my bone-bones and I love to have them all over the house but not just anywhere.  I am a clever boy, you know, so I like to make art!  Here is some of my work.  Moms and dads titled them, they are so silly!

"Arrow to Cali"


Don't go into the living room!"

"Shoe bone shoe bone"
Gawd, moms isn't even clever....
obviously it's a shoe ven bone
ven shoe ven bone, moms. 

I liked this one the best!

I made vis one the same way two times in one night... 

I fink everyone should do art.  It's awot of fun and everyfing!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Someone wrote a book about me...

Today dads brought home a book to read me and I'm pretty sure vey were writing about me!!  Vis dog must have angry butt, and everyfing!  I hope his moms and dads take him to Dr Paul for memicine real soon so he can get better. He is a big hero in va book for saving his family from burglars using his gasses.  I wonder how I can put my butt to work??

For now, I will take a nap and store up some energy.  It is real hardness to be me!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

I had a puppy...

Moms and dads brought home a puppy for me... his name was Linus.  He was very very tiny baby size and was cuter van even me!  Linus was an American Bulldog and was born at my Auntie Pam's house.  His brovers and sisters were all doing fine but he wasn't so he came to me.  I cleaned his face wiff little kisses and made sure his buttsy was always clean.
Moms said I was such a good, gentle boy wiff Linus.  But ven one day, Linus really started getting sick so moms and dads took him to Dr Paul.  My poor puppy could not be saved and we all were very sad.  Well, Cali wasn't said cuz she doesn't like puppies very much.  But moms, dads, and I cried.  Va next day, I checked his crate in case he came back somehow.  Ven I took one of his blankies and slept wiff it in my bed.  I wish he would come back.

Beaker came to our house next... he had a silly face and is red like me.  Moms called him "little man" which makes me mad cuz I am her little man!  Beaker only stayed one night and I was glad...  only one red boy in va house, pweeze!!

Later, we brought home Linuses 6 brovers and sisters to live wiff us.  Vey were so cute and a lot of fun!  Lucy would break out of puppy play land and chase me and Cals around.  Schroeder followed me everywhere cuz I'm such a cool boy.  But Auntie Pam found good homes for all of them and now I have no puppies again!  It is hard to be a foster brover.

I wonder what kind of puppy will come to our house next??



Sometines I wake up and vere is a lot of sunniness outside our house.  I real love those days cuz ven I can sunbaze!  You can sunbaze even if it is cold outside or hot outside because right by my big door vere is a little fing that hot and cold air comes out of to keep me company!  I'm pretty sure moms had that built just for me!
It's va best spot in va house, and Cals tries to push me out of va way cuz she's a big huge meanie!  Sometines we share va spot...

Moms tells us what good puppers we are when we share.  But I don't really like sharing... I like a sunbazing  spot all to myselfs especially outside in va fresh air!  

Moms doesn't let me stay out long vo, or I will get crispy, she says.  And also my feet warm up and smell like Fritos!

Is it summer yet?


Friday, February 17, 2012


One time, we went to see Dr Paul who is va nicest man.  He sits on va floor and pets me and tells me I'm handsome and a good boy and he gives me cookies!  He likes to put needles in my legs sometimes and ven he talks to moms about me.  Last time I saw Dr Paul, he gave me a bag of stuff to take home and try.  One is called a 'jection.  I don't like vem and I want to ask Dr Paul why he gave me vis, it is not fun and it feels like someone bited me.  Moms puts it in my back once a week to help my angry butt, or somefing like that.  I don't fink my butt is angry, it just doesn't always like my food and ven I burps and have gasses whenever I eat.  But moms says the 'jections and memicine will help me feel better and she wouldn't steer me wrong.  Whenever moms says "time for your jection" I make vis face:
She gives it to me anyway...

I have a lot of blogging I want to do, but will fink about my next one for now.  Dads and I are going to go hang out, my favorite fing to do. 

Sidenote from moms:  I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Disease, not Angry Butt.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I know Karate!

Ever since I was a baby, I've watched my sister when we pway.  She makes very scary faces at me a lot, but I don't know what vey mean, so I keep pwaying wiff her.  Her faces get really really scary so I bark cuz, well, what else is there?  Ven she sticks her tongue out at me!

One day after she beated me up, I tried to make scary face back!  She looked at my moms and ven mommy giggled.  I don't fink it's very funny.


I'm pretty sure I'm a tough guy.  I even watch TV a lot and now I'm am a karate master and everyfing! 

Honey badger's got nuffin' on me!


My name is Hogan.  Moms decided I should have a bwog because I have a wot to talk about, all va time.  I was born on May 3, 2006 and lived wiff momma Karin for 12 weeks!  I had a lot of fun wiff my brovers and sister in Kentucky, ven moved to moms house in Illinois.  Now I have a big Doberman sister, Cali, my moms, my dads, and my human brovers and sister!  Sometimes moms brings home other dogs to live wiff us cuz she is a volunteer wiff somefing called rescue.  I real love when she brings home puppies, cuz I am a nursemaid and I help take care of everyone.

Vis is my blog.  Moms says people may fink I talk funny, but to know me is to love me.