Sunday, December 8, 2013

Being a salesdog!

Va rescue group I vowunteer wiff (lets all say it togevver!), Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus is now selling va 2014 calendar and boy, is it nice!  Some of my friends have asked for a pawtographed copy, so today moms and dads helped me get a bunch done!

To order your very own calendar and also to buy vem for howliday gifts, click here Calendar order and one will be shipped to you.  Or, if you live by me or va city called Barrington, just tell me or moms and we can get you one wiffout paying shipping, OK??  OK!


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Frowback Fursday!!!

Vis are me when I were tiny baby puppy, even smaller van now, learning to snarler from my big sis, Cali.  She were va best snarler, ever!

Sometines, she even stuck her tongue out at me.  GAWD Cals, GAWD!  Hahaha!  I never learned how to do vat, vo.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Behind va scenes

Moms, dads, and I post a wot of pictures and fings on Facebook of me doing all sorts of fings.  Sometines peepows post fings like "vat pooooooor dog!" or "what are you doing to him???".  First off, vat are way too many "o"s in "poor", OK???  :-)  Second, I real like pwaying dressemup and everyfing like vat.  Here are some 'zamples and notes of what you can't see behind va scenes:

Vis are me as a drag queen.  I did vis photo shoot for my rescue group, Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus for a fundraiser we were having.  Vat is reason enough!  Also, my Auntie Wauren was taking va pics and I will do anyfing for her cuz I real love her and everyfing :-)

Vis are a pic I did to promote bicycow safety.  Vis are dadses helmet and it smells like him.  I real love fings vat smell like my peepows.  Also, vere was a steak on va grill to my left and I was real hopefulness I would get a bite... and I did!

Anuvver item of my dads... his Shaggy wig!  Also, behind moms is a squirr....  I wasn't allowed to "get" va squirr, but it helded my 'tention while va picture was taken, haha!

 My mid-kid was saying to moms and dads he didn't have ANY cwoves to wear, so moms sent me down wiff some shorts.  Of course I do anyfing momma asks.  Va bonus here is va hugeness smile on mid-kid's face!  He laughed and laughed.  What you can't see is my nub wagging under vose shorts!

My littlest kidlet wanted to pway princess dressemup.  First of all, I love fings on my head.  But mostwy, I cannot deny vat lil girl anyfing.  She makes my heart happy, my nub wag, and I feel warm all over when she smiles and says "You're the best boy, Boozy".  <3

So fear not, my friends!  It are awesome sauce Being Hogan.
Love, Hogie

Friday, October 4, 2013

Being a Bully vs. being a bully...

Once 'pon a time, I heard va word "Bully" and instantwy fought of all my canine friends and famiwy who are Bullies...  I even wrote a bwog about vem:  Being "Dangerous"

Veir name, Bully, is a nickname, OK?  Vey are different breeds of dogs, most wiff va word "Bull" in it... like English BULLdog, American BULLdog (oh em GAWD, remember my Peanuts puppies?? vey were AmBulls!), PitBULL.  Vese dogs, just like any uvver breed, can sometimes not be nice but vat is cuz vey have real meanness owners and everyfing like vat.  Don't forget va real important rule:  Judge va deed, not va breed!!  Read more about vat, here:  Sad times in dogdom

If you ever want to talk to a Bully, I have many friends who would love to meet you like Timmy, Tyr, Vito, Petey, Monday, and Rookie from my bwog!  Annuver great 'zampo of a fantastic Bully is my good buddy, Fifty va 2-legged Pitbull.  You can be his friend on Facebook and everyfing, just click vis: Fifty

He came from va rescue I vowunteer wiff, Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus .  Here's a picture of moms and Fifty!

Now I have heard va word "bully" but it means somefing else and I'm real confused and sadness.  Moms tried to expwain what a hooman bully is and I fink vis is just real awful.  She says it are when one hooman picks on annuver hooman and is real meanness for no reason whatsoever 'cept vey are not good peepows.  I guess it happens wiff childrens mostwy, but even grown ups do it, sometimes hoomans bully animows, and everyfing.  Why would anyone do vis?!?!  Shouldn't everyone be loved and supported??  I don't always agree wiff my sissypants, but I will always be niceness and help her when I can and I real love her!

I do not have a picture of a bully to put here cuz my famiwy and friends are all real awesome sauce and don't do vis kind of fing, so I made my first drawring instead.  Vis is what I fink a bully looks like.

Pwease, famiwy and friends, be kind to each uvver.  Why make life miserabow for anyones??  If you or anyone you know is being bullied, talk to someone.  Sometimes just sharing what happened makes you feel better, OK?.  You can tell your moms, dads, bruvvers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, teachers, neighbors, or anyfing!!  You are loved!!


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Being busy ness!!

Phew, I have had a wot of fings going on vis summer and was away from my 'puter a wot!  I fought maybe I'd share a bunch of pictures showing what me and my famiwy have been up to!  I am still working on an edumacationow post, too, but vat one takes a wot of brain power :-)

 Vis is me reminding moms to get off va 'puter and enjoy va day!!

 Moms started "exercising".  I keep a close watch on her!

 Cousin Jeff came over for seep seep!  I got to wake him up in va morning, he was not real happiness.  He had va coolest basebaw hat, cuz he is a real goodness basebaw pwayer!

 Moms gotted us a new water dish.  Vis fing are crazy business!  I didn't want to put my snout in it for awhile, but finally gave it a try.  Ven, Super Grover tried using it as a potty!  GAWD!!!

 SFB and I went on a cation at Auntie Pam's.  It were awesome sauce!!!  Saw so many of my friends, had a wot of pway time in her huge yard and everyfing!

 I've been pwaying 'gility a wot!!! One time I gotted a boo boo vo.  Boo!!!
 But dads snugglered wiff me and tucked me in to bed bed.  He's va bestest dads!!

I hope everyone is having a great summer!  We have had va kidlets wiff us a wot and I real love vem so much!  Moms says vey all come back vis weekend, woohoo!!!
Always remember to stop and smell va roses and keep your famiwy close.  Love to you all, my friends!
Love, Hogie

Monday, June 10, 2013

Being a foster bruvver, again!

Yesserday, moms and dads went out and ven when vey came home, vey brought a new doggie home!  Vey say she is just our foster.  Her name are "No L".  I fink va "L" stands for "leg" cuz she is missing a leg!!  She are a real beeyootiful girl and is real nice to me, too!  We are fostering her for va group we vowunteer wiff, Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus
 Vis is No L and dads.  See, her back leg is gone!  Moms said she gotted hit by a car and ven her leg fell off or somefing like vat.  Aww, poor girl!  Whenever she sees cars, she real wants to chase vem.  Moms and dads said she will need a furever home wiff a fenced yard so she can't get away and chase cars ever again!

She real loves va bed she came wiff.  She is so good and just lies vere, chewing bones or seep seeping.  Aww, good girl!

Vis morning, I was tired of waiting for our formal introduction.  Moms and dads insist on s-l-o-w intros wiff new dogs.  Vey say vat gives us all a chance to sniff each uvver, pway on opposite sides of va gate and everyfing, but no one can get hurted.  Well, I could tell No L is a real goodness girl, so when moms was in va baffroom vis morning, I opened va gate and went in to meet her.  Va look on moms face when she came out was priceless, haha!  I was just hanging wiff my new friend, vo!  Here we are, waiting for cookies.

I just know we will find va perfeck home for vis beauty.  I hope peepow don't worry about her missing leg, cuz she runs and pways just like me and SFB.  She real loves to snuggler, too!! Here is more info about my beeyootiful foster sissy and a wot of pictures. 

So if you or anyone you know want to meet her or adopt her, make sure you go to our website, fill out va application, and go frew vat process to get approved, OK?  How to adopt from IDR+

Keep an eye on my Facebook, I'm sure we will have a wot of pictures of No L vere!  Also, consider vowunteering in your community, OK??  It makes me feel real goodness when I do!


Friday, May 31, 2013

Being in a parade!

On Memorial Day vis year, me and my whole famiwy got to be in a parade in a pwace called Itasca!  Me, moms, dads, SFB, children#1, children#2, and children#3 all piled into va truckie and off we went to find Itasca and our friends and fellow volunteers from Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus .  When we arrived, I couldn't bewieve how many of my friends were going to be in va parade wiff us!  Luckily, va wetness maker didn't turn on va whole way, so we stayed dry and everyfing.  I told SFB to be a good girl and be nice to everyone, and she did a good job.  I met a wot of real niceness peepow and we have already heard from some of vem who want to adopt.  I call it a good day!  Here are some pics!

It was good to see Auntie Lindsay & Murphy & Lily, Auntie Lauren & Unca Steve, Auntie Pam & Unca Mike & Degas & Cooper, Pat & Linda, Kim, and Alicia!

SFB met a wot of little childrens and was a real good girl wiff vem.  Puppy pants is learning!!

It's real tiring to be in a parade.  All va walking, meeting peepow, trying to pickup all va candy vey are frowing, only to hear moms and dads yell "No HOGAN!!  OUT!".  I gotted a couple pieces down before vey knew it vo, haha!!

Love, Hogie

Fanks to Aunties Lauren & Lindsay for va photos!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Being a fan of hats!

I fink it all started wiff my ears being posted.  Every time moms did vem, she'd say somefing like "what a good, good boy you are, sitting so nice so we can fix your special hat!"  I've loved hats and fings ever since! 

I'm real luckiness to get so many awesome sauce hats and fings!  Fanks to all my aunties and to moms and dads and va childrens!!