Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Being Lazy

Oh em GAWD!!!  I forgotted my bwog!  I have been real busyness and also real lazy business, sorry everyone!!  Here's a recap of fings since my last bwog.

I had a birfday!!  I am now 8 years old and ven Sarah had a birfday.  She are 3 years old but still acts like a baby puppy, hahaha!

I've  been enjoying sunbazing any time va wetness maker isn't on.  Sometines it gets too hot business out vere, but I still sunbaze.

Moms says I sure do speak my mind a wot vese days!

Oh, oh!!  Moms and dads broughted home a gimme piglick and she had babies!  Wow, I real love babies!  Vis are baby Magoo.  All babies have gone to veir new famiwies already.

Did some more fundraising and modowing for my favorite rescue, Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus

Moms and dads boff became somefing called "coaches".  Vey have BeachBodies or somefing like vat!  Part of being a coach means I get to drink va Shakeology, too.  Yum!

I helped Dads and Unca Jim fix our door.  We are putting our house for sales and moving!  I will soon have a big, hugeness yard and everyfing!

And va best news??  Moms and dads are getting marriaged!!!  Moms has a real pretty ring but it doesn't taste like anyfing or anyfing!  I tried nibbling on it even.  Now I have to decide if I will hyphenate my name or what, haha!

I hope everyone is happy and healthy and everyfing!