Thursday, September 13, 2012

Being a foster dads

I'm a foster dads again!  Vis is Tesla, but I call him Casper von Ghost!  Mom calls him Al Bino!  He are real handsun and real niceness, too!  I fink someone put him in va wetness maker machine and washed off all his fur colors!  He doesn't have any colors at all!  His eyes are real pretty blue and everyfing!  He is a wot like my friend, Degas!  Moms said it's real 'portant to help people unnderstand vat we have to help all va 'bino Dobermans out vere, but vat peoples shouldn't make 'binos have va sexy business and make more!  OK??  Moms gave me vis to share:
You can read about 'binos and everyfing!  Also, if you wanna 'dopt one, call moms!  She has connections, hahaha! 

My foster boy, Tesla, is up for 'doption soon.  When he came to rescue, he had wormies in his heart and was real sickness!  IDR+ made sure he went to va docker and now he is 'cuperating wiff us for a few days and ven will go to a new foster home.  I real wish we could keep him.  Moms and dads would move out if we did vo!  Hahaha!  Don't forget how 'portant it is to give your puppies heartworm preventative every monf, so vey don't get heart wormies, too, OK???  Also, I don't know what happened to his ears, vese fings make me giggle! 

He real loves my dads, cuz dads is real awesome sauce!  Cals finks he stinks but sometines she smilers at him!  GAWD Cals, make up your cuckoo mind!  SFB is real, real 'cited he is here.  She wants to pway wiff him but he cannot pway yet cuz he's still sick a lil bit.  So SFB makes va pee pee everywhere to show him she's 'cited.  Poor moms has a wots of pee pee to clean up!  I don't have any pictures of him wiff me and my sisters cuz you can't put new dogs togever right away.  I go over to his crate and wag my nub back and forf at him a wot vo, and tell him "it's OK handsun... we will find you a very good home!".

If you want to meet Tesla and everyfing, let me know.  He is a very sweet, special boy and needs just as sweet a new famiwy.



Thursday, September 6, 2012

What a doofus! Hahahahaha!!!

OK, so my sister Cals sometines has to wear a muzzy muzzler cuz she likes to chew stuff and lick va sore on her leg.  Wiff muzzy muzzler on, she can't do vat!  Well, my little sister, Sarah Farah Bearah, grabbed MM and fought it was to pway wiff.  Hahahahaha, doofus!  Moms and dads and Cals and I all laughed and laughed!

First, she just put it in her mouf and was running around va house like a spaz!  I guess it kinda works like vis... she didn't try to nibble on anyone while holding it, haha!

Ven it got stuck on her head sideways, over one ear.... what a silly pants girl!
 'Ventually, she got it on over boff ears, all by herself!  I'm not sure if vat is being clever or just lucky, haha!  I told her to sit for a pic, and she did.  She is getting smarter, kinda!
Dads helped her get muzzy muzzler off her face.  Ven she picked it up and was using it as a weapon!  Here I am telling her "don't beat me wiff it, SFB!  GAWD, you are rude!!"

Vis puppy makes us giggle a wot.  You never know what she will do next!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Being pampered!

When you are real handsun, like me, you real like to be told about it and everyfing.  Moms tells me all va time!!!  Ven, she took me and my sisters to a new pwace to get our feetsies trimmed.  Well, our nails on our feetsies.  It is called Pampered Tails Pet Grooming, and it is a real nice pwace!  I made new friends and everyfing!!  My sister, Cals, gets real scared to go anywhere but everyone was so nice to her and her nails were done before she knew it!  SFB was a spaz, as usual, but vey knew how to work wiff her, too!  I am a real goodness boy and just stood vere, waiting for vem to finish and listening to vem tell me what a good, good boy I am!  Also, vey fink I'm handsun!!! 

If you need your nails done, try vem out!  Also, vey have real tasty cookies and also toys!!!


Being a puppy, part 2!

OK, so you all read 'bout my early days wiff momma Karin and my brovers and sister.  Ven, one day, momma Karin put me in vis big truck fing wiff some of her over dogs and we drove and drove forever.  I cried a wot!  It was scary business!  We ended up somewhere called Wisconsin at a dog show.  I was seep seep in va truck and ven I hear momma Karin and poppa Steve, so I started yelling out so vey knew where I was!  Ven poppa Steve got me and brought me outside.  I saw a real niceness lady vere, who looked so happy to see me.  She putted her arms out and said "hi big boy!" and ven I jumped in her arms.  Vat nice lady is now my moms.  We have been inseparable ever since!  She drove me home vat day and ven I met my sister Cals.  Here are so more pics from ven:
Oh yeah, vat was my rooster stuffy!  He was awesome sauce, til I killed his squeaky, hahahaha!  Vis was a week after I first came home.
Vis is me on my leash.  I was stuck to moms for most of my puppyhood cuz I were real busy and she couldn't keep up wiff me! 

I learned how to sit real fast.  I was only free monfs old!  Awww, so cute!  I've always been a real smart one, moms says.
 Cals taughted me how to keep a watch over our yard and house.  We real like to hang out on va deck and sunbaze and watch life go by, even to vis day!
Here I am at 5 monfs old, my ears were already standing by vemselves!  I still have my leash on, hahahaha! 
Ohhh, vis is my very first party hat, and I real loved it!  Now I wear vem as often as I can, cuz vey are wots of fun and everyfing!

I hope you like my puppy pics.  I'm a real happy boy wiff a great famiwy and wots and wots of awesome sauce friends!  Have a great day everyone!!