Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Being a country boy

For vose who haven't hearded, I moved to va country wiff my famiwy!  Here I am when my stuff were packed and we were on va way to va new house.

I can't even bewieve how hugeness my yard is!  It has a fence and everyfing! 

I also have real nice gardens to walk frew.  Moms doesn't real like vat, but I have to check on everyfing!

I even gotted a new neckwace in honor of my yard.  Dads calls va yard "Hogan's Woods".  I like to patrol for any burblers and vermins!  

We have a real long driveway and sometines I go for walkies wiff moms or dads to get va mayo.  Even va mayobops is huge business!!

When I'm not outside, I still real like to sunbaze.  I have a wot of spots in my new house for sunbazin, but here's va bestest one!

We also starting pwaying 'gility again.  My unpacked my 'quiipment and set up va weavies in our great room, hahahaha!  Don't worry, I don't practice vere cuz va floor has sipperdee business.

We have somefing called a "pool".  Not sure what von heck vis fing are for, but I don't real like it cuz it has a wot of wetness.  Moms says she will teach me how to swims.  I have some goggows for my lessons!  

I real love being a country boy.  All vis fresh air sure makes me seep seep like never before, vo!

I hope you are all well, my friends!