Thursday, May 31, 2012

Whoa is me....

Whoa!  Firse of all, I 'pologize for SFB taking over my bwog yesserday.  She is a real naughty puppy, I can't weave her awone for one minute!!  GAWD, no wonder moms likes crate training so much! 
Ven, it are rain outside.  I real hate va wetness!!!  It will be a quiet day of seep seep I guess.

Well, I fought I would give some tips on trying to get your moms and dads to stay home wiff you.  Here are some vat I have tried and work for me!!
Vis one is called "pout"...  just look real sadness when vey say vey have to go.  Sometines I lift my head up just enough so moms or dads sees my sad eyes, for that extra nudge!

Vis one is called "sneak attack kisses".... jump in veir wap and give kisses all over, ven lie on vem so vey can't move!  Haha!!
Vis one is called "kill 'em wiff cuteness"...  snuggle real nice wiff your sister, even if she has crazy evil eyes!  Moms and dads will be so surprised, vey will want to stay wiff you!!

If vese fail, beg vem to take you wiff.  I'll have pics on that in another bwog.  Have a great day, my friends!  Stay out of va wetness if you can, OK???


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oh haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is me, Sarah!!!  Hogie is sunbathing and left this computer on so I play with it!!  Yay meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!  I went to Chicago with mommy and daddy and we had so much fun!
 I saw the lake and the skyscrapers!!
I played in the kiddies park!!  I climbed everything, mommy says I'm a brave good girl!!
 My new Uncle Scotty helped me get a drink at the people fountain!  There were dog fountains, too.  What a fancy place!
 Uncle Scotty brought Dovi, my new BFF.  We walked and walked, I met the ocean but didn't like it!
I went to sleep as soon as we got in the car.  It's hard being a puppy!

I better go before Hogie comes and corrects me!  He thinks he is the boss of me... not!! 

Bye byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Sarah Farah Bearah

Friday, May 25, 2012

I've been finking...

Mostly I've been finking about my new friend, Millie, who has osteosarcoma.  I'm real sad she has it, but I'm also real happiness she has a wonderful moms in her life to give her love and everyfing she needs.  Vat is all any dog really wants, right??  You can read more about Millie here:
I 'member when I was in va hospital having my uniball removed and ven I got real sickness and had to stay at hospital for a real wong time.  I was so sad wiffout my moms.  So I started finking, what about all va dogs and cats and ferrets and birds vat don't even HAVE a moms or dads and are sick?  Va ones in shelters and va rescues?  It made me real sadness.  Moms reminded me vat foster moms and dads real love their fosters, and also shelter workers and vet staff are so nice, too.  I don't fink vere are enough volunteers vo!  Also, so many animows wiffout homes makes me sadness.

Here are some of my over sickness friends, or ones vat have special needs (vey need love, too, OK??):
Damien - he just needs special food, like me!!!

My Auntie Pam and fellow vowunteers with Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus do a great job wiff sickness animows.  I'm real proud to know vem all.  Vere are animow shelters all over va world vat need more vowunteers, fosters, and everyfing!  So keep vat in mind, if you want to help somehow, OK??  Moms always says one good deed goes a real long way!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Great news!!!

Moms and dads say we have a 4 day weekend coming up!  FOUR DAYS wiff moms and or dads home wiff us, woohoo!!! 
Sarah Farah Bearah is being a good puppy.  No peepee in her crate or va house and no nipping us.  She are real cute when you get right down to it!  Today we were pwaying outside and ven I started chasing her shadow... I stepped on her head, hahahaha!!!!! 

I hope everyone has a real goodness weekend, full of fun and games, treats and long walks, pway dates, and everyfing!!!  I probly won't bwog much cuz we will be so busy, but I will try to put pics up on my Facebook page, OK????


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Uh oh!

Yesserday was a real nice, quiet day.  Ven, SFB caused chaos!!  She made va peepee business in her crate!  Moms came home and cweaned it up, took us all for a walk, gave us dinner, ven SFB had to go in va wetness maker cuz she were smell.  After vat, Moms let us all out on va deck to pway and sunbaze.  As soon as we got out, Sarah ran over and found va gate open.... I said "SFB, DON'T go off va deck, K????" but she did.  So ven I went off va deck to get her and ven Cals followed me.  I tried to tell moms but she didn't hear me.  We went running around va neighborhood ven I heard momma's voice saying "Boo Bear, come here my love!!!"  Oh yay, moms DID hear me!  I turned right around to run to her and ven told me naughty sisters to come wiff.  We all ran towards moms, who ran to va house.  She told us we were SO good to come and ven we got va cookies!  She was real shaky so I stayed right wiff her and gave her kisses.  Probly she's not a good runner!  Ven Sarah spazzed out in va house and jumped on va end table, knocking everyfing off it and she got herself stuck between va table and va wall.  What in von heck, Sarah Farah Bearah???  Moms didn't look real  happiness, so I went to one of my beds and pretended to seep seep.  Ven dads came home and I got pizza for being va good boy vat came when momma called and for leading my sisters to safety, he said!  I real love pizza, fanks dads!!!

I don't real have pictures for vis bwog.  I didn't fink moms would want a picture of her cleaning up crates and Sarah and us on va loose!  Ha!  I hope today is real calm.


Monday, May 21, 2012

I need mine own 'puter!!!

Ever since last week, I was trying to use va 'puter....  we all share one, and moms and dads get first dibs.  Makes me real crabiness cuz I have my bwog to do, and my facebook, and everyfing!!!
Dads, dads, dads, dads, dads, dads.....

Ven he says, "what is it, Boozer, I'm busy!"

 Dads, pwease I need vis 'puter to do my bwog.  OK????  Here, have a kiss.
He told me for to wait a wittle bit and ven I could have it.  

I waited all va night.  Sigh....
I don't even amember what I was going to bwog about now, cuz it has been so long!!!  GAWD!!!!  I had a real fun weekend, I know, cuz va childrens were here.  I will have to look at pics from va weekend and see what happened.

I hope you all have your own 'puters!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A poem for moms....

I real love you
And everyfing.
You are nice and caring,
Silly and daring,
And everyfing.
Fanks for teaching me
Right from wrong
And also how
To sing a song.
You are perfect
In every way....
'Cept when you say "no",
Make me go in wetness,
Feed me too late,
Give me 'jections,
And also why did we get a puppy???
I real don't unnerstand how poems work,
But I know you real like vem.
I hope vat you will real like vis,
Oh, I gotta go!
Sarah just took a *beep*.

"Sarah, no potty in va house, 'member???"


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Vat was a real strange day!

Yesserday was real quiet and nice during va day.  Once moms got home, it went cuckoo!!  We had dinner, ven moms and I went for a bye bye in va car.  I real like doing vat!!!  We were going along and ven, vere was a real loud noise and a tire went flying by our window.  Moms jammed on va brakes and I was scared!  Moms got out of va car and ven I just cried and cried and cried cuz I wanted to be wiff her and I was scared.  Vere were sirens and ven my favorite, a fire truck!!!  I howled like a siren, it were so fun!  Moms came back in va car and ven we went to dads work.  Moms said it was a cwose call, but we were safe. 
We visited dad for a little bit, ven went home and I was training wiff Sarah, on how to do "down".  First, she plopped down like a fish and ven was on her back wiff an antwer in her mouf!  GAWD puppy, what are you doing??
I told her to fwip over and ven I held her vere wiff my paw and told her "good down, Sarah Farah Bearah!!" 
I also helped dads change out some tires on va mountain bike...  I got real tired, vo, and feel to seep seep.  Oopsy!!
I hope today is not so crazy.  I need to sunbaze and rest!  Vere was talk of me getting a baff today, but I fink I can distract moms and get out of it, haha!


Monday, May 14, 2012

I have va new cousin!!!!

On va weekend, moms and dads went wiff Aunt Nancy and Unca Rob to wook at dogs and everyfing.  Vey met a real niceness boy from va rescue I vowunteer wiff, IDR+!  His name was Henwey, but vey changed it to Winus!!! (moms says it is Linus, and we are going to work on my pronunciation stuff soon!)  He is making everyone so happy and I can't wait to meet him.  See how handsome he are??

We had a barbeecue yesserday.  It was so nice out and we pwayed outside and ven helped dad make burgers on va grill.  Vat grill has va hotness!  If you put your nose on it, it will hurting!!! 

Dads also taught us about bicyco safety.  You have to wear a cap on your mellon so if you fall off, you don't crack your brain like an egg, OK????  He is real good wiff bikes and everyfing like vat.  I asked for a tricyco so I can go riding wiff him, too!

Life is good.  Have a great day, OK everyone??  And everyfing!!



Friday, May 11, 2012

I'm wiped out!!!

Yesserday, moms was home sick wiff va my grain.  I always feel real sadness when she are sick.  While she were home, I did my best to make her feel better and also babysit my sisters so vey didn't bover moms.  Vose two girls wore me out!!
I gave moms kisses on her face and eyes to help her feel betterness.  Sometimes she said "OUCH!" so ven I would stop.
Once she fell to seep seep, I got caught up on my recorded shows, like 'Merican Idol.  Vere are some good singers on vere!!
Cals like to pway and dance when 'Merican Idol is on.  The girls started pwaying like crazy, so I jumped in to tell vem to knock it off!
I gave Sarah Farah Bearah an antwer to chew on and made sure she didn't get up.  
Ven I fell seep seep, like moms, but SFB snuck over and woked me up!!!  GAWD, puppy!!
She just doesn't ever leave me a be....  even when I'm chewing bone bones, she stalks me, and everyfing!!!

Today dads has SFB wiff him for awhile, so I get break.  I'm so wiped out!  Good fing it is va weekend soon, ven moms and dads can help me watch va girls. 

It's beautiful outside, everyone have a great day!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I have va sadness...

My girfriend, Cinny, had a real badness car accident and it scared me.  I real love her and am so glad she are OK!!!  Love you, Cinny!!!  Stay safe, OK???? 

Moms had to go to va docker and now she are not feeling real goodness.  I stay right by her side and tell her I love her all va time.  I don't know how to help so I sit wiff her and give her gentle kisses. 

Dads are working awot, so I'm stuck wiff va terror twins all week!  GAWD, you crazy girls, calm down!!! 

I hope everyone is well and feels better soon.  I don't like when my loved ones are down.  Here's to a better rest of va week, OK???


Monday, May 7, 2012

Awesome weekend!!!

Hi everyone, and everyfing!!!  I had so much funness vis weekend!  My cousin Emiwy and Auntie Nancy came over Friday to hang out.  Vey are super fun and nice and everyfing like vat.  We snugglered and pwayed!!

Ven, va childrens came home!  I are so happy when va childrens are here.  We do all kinds of fings!!

Hang out

Pway MW3

Chew bone bones....

I'm real luckiness to have so many good friends and famiwy.  I real love you all!!!  I hope everyone has a good Monday, even vo va wetness maker is on outside.  I get to snuggler wiff dads alllll day today!!!!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Yay, party hats!!!

Moms says today is my birfday, and I real like that cuz I got to put on a party hat!  Happy birfday to my sister Olivia and my brovers Dej, Skyler, and Dax!   It also is my unca Jeff's birfday, but he isn't wiff us.  I never met him, but I know awot about him and miss him all va same.  Moms said we will celebrate my birfday more on Saturday when childrens are here cuz it will be children number ones birfday, too!!!
Have a great day, friends.  Put your party hats on!!


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wetness maker, va big one!

Vis morning I had breffist and ven moms opened va door so I could go outside.  But va big wetness maker in va sky was on.  GAWD!  How's a boy 'posed to make va baffrooms wiff wetness on him?? 

I did not go out vere.  Ven, Sarah Farah Bearah came running up to va door and WENT OUTSIDE!!!  OMG, SFB, come back in here, you could melt and everyfing!!!!  She ran around like a donkey and ven made poops.  Moms said what a good girl she is.  What von heck???  SFB even gotted a cookie for being such a good girl!  Moms sang va baffroom song, and everyfing, like when I was a baby.  I looked outside again and putted my nose out vere, but it got wet so I came back in.... no cookie or song for me, hmph!!  Stupid Sarah Farah...

Hiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!  You talking about me, Hogieeeee??  I love you, Hogieee!!  And momeeee and dadeeeee and Caliiiiiiii!!!  Lets play, wanna play come on and play!!!!!

Get off my 'puter, puppy!  GAWD!!!  I'm telling dads on you!  How'd you get out of your room again?? 

I gotta go, friends.  Vis puppy is crazy business, I better teach her some more stuff.  Don't go in va wetness, OK???


Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Probly my most favoritest fing to do is snugglerin!  I'm real good at it, and everyfing.  Ever since I was a baby puppy, moms would snuggler wiff me and tell me how good I was, how smart I was, and everyfing like vat.  She still does it, every single day, wiff all of us!  Sometines, I find moms seep seeping and ven I want to snuggler.  So I wait a few minutes in case she wakes up, but if she doesn't, I put my snout on her real gentle like and ven I say "wake up moms, time for to snuggler, OK???"  She always wakes up and ven I have va happy!

I real like it at night night time when I get to go up on va bed wiff moms and dads and we snuggler.  No Cali or Sarah allowed!
You should all snuggler wiff va ones you love.  It makes you feel good!