Sunday, January 20, 2013

Being a big brover...

OK, so you all know we added a puppy sister.  Her name are Sarah Farah Bearah and she are total crazy business!  I've been teaching her a wot of stuff I learned at all my schools.  She is pretty good girl but we still do a wot of teaching.  Anyway, it's been almost a year she has been here, moms says.  When she first arrived I said she could borrow my condo and my favorite bwankies to help her settle in.  I also said she could share my toys.  But now I fink it's been long enough and she can figure fings out for herself, so I ransacked her condo and took my stuff back!  Vis is my loot!

And here is what her condo looks like.  I left va bed bed in vere, cuz mom bought it pacifically for her.   I also went back in and gave her one bone bone cuz it looked so sad and emptyiness in vere.

Moms says I'm getting a wittle crotchety wiff age.  I don't know what vat means vo!  I told SFB I will help her learn to get nice fings, haha.