Thursday, March 28, 2013

Being luckiness...

Somehow I have a wot of real niceness peoples in my life.  I get all kinds of emails, texts, Facebook messages, and even gifts!  Sometimes I don't even know what to say, I'm so fankful!  Here are just some fings I've gotten over va years :-)

I fink one of my first presents was my Firechief hat.   Auntie Sue spoils me rotten sauce all va time!!

 We always know when packages come from her, vey smell so goodness!!  

Sometimes it's cookies....

... or wowwipops...

 .... sometimes it's not food but neckwaces!

My littlest hooman made me a neckwace, I real love it!  She let me borrow her tiara, too!

Sometimes while wearing one present, anover Auntie comes over wiff toys and everyfing!!  Auntie Tasha is also awesome sauce!!!

Auntie Lauren gave us a photo shoot one time, it's how I learned to be a model!

One time, Auntie Mandi emailed me worried vat I didn't have a hat for St Patrick's Day, so she sent one!

She real loves horses and cowboys, so she also sent vis amazing hat, too!!

Ven, Auntie Denise saw va cowboy hat and handmade me a cowboy bwankie!!!  Oh em GAWD!!! 

Moms and dads always remind me how luckiness I am and say I have to do better about being fankful.  So, everyone, Fanks for all my gifts, OK???  I have so many more I've gotten, vese are just a few.  I love vem all!!  Also fanks for coming to visit, for emails, texts, messages on Facebook, reading and sharing my bwog, helping wiff my rescue (Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus), and just being my friend!

Moms says a good fing to do is give back.  So I vowunteer wiff rescue as an Ambassador Dog.  I also give a wot of kisses and snugglers to all my friends and famiwy.  Moms says I'm an excellent stress reliever!

Don't forget to always be fankful and giving, OK??? 


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Being sadness

Over va weekend, my sister Cals gotted real sickness.  We already knew she had a 'sease called "Lymphoma" and va docker said she was quite ill.  We didn't fink she would get even worse so fast and on Sunday, 3.10.13, we said goodbye to va bestest girl ever.  My whole famiwy is real sadness.  Today I was going frew pictures on my 'puter and fought it'd be a good time to remember just a small portion of all va fun we had over va years.  I know I'll have more to share, too, but here is a start in remembering my best friend, Cali.

Dear Cals,
I miss you so much every day.  I real loved when we would snuggler all night and ven sunbaze all day.  You taughted me everyfing I know and I hope I do you proud.  I will continue on, 'membering everyfing you've said and done.  

Like wearing my sungwasses on sunny days...

... how to kill stuffies...

... the joy of chewing on bone bones...

... never take fings too seriousness...

.... being a model, 'specially for Auntie Lauren cuz she are va bestest picture takerer....
... keeping puppies in veir pwaces...

... but still be nice to puppy, always...

... and to smile, cuz tomorrow is promised to no one.  I can't real smile like vat, you had va biggest smile I ever did see.  I will never forget it.  I love you, beautiful girl.  I know some day I will see you again and we will pway bitey face kissy snout.


In Memory of "Cali", Mason Hill Summer Wind, CGC
11.23.02 - 3.10.13