Friday, October 4, 2013

Being a Bully vs. being a bully...

Once 'pon a time, I heard va word "Bully" and instantwy fought of all my canine friends and famiwy who are Bullies...  I even wrote a bwog about vem:  Being "Dangerous"

Veir name, Bully, is a nickname, OK?  Vey are different breeds of dogs, most wiff va word "Bull" in it... like English BULLdog, American BULLdog (oh em GAWD, remember my Peanuts puppies?? vey were AmBulls!), PitBULL.  Vese dogs, just like any uvver breed, can sometimes not be nice but vat is cuz vey have real meanness owners and everyfing like vat.  Don't forget va real important rule:  Judge va deed, not va breed!!  Read more about vat, here:  Sad times in dogdom

If you ever want to talk to a Bully, I have many friends who would love to meet you like Timmy, Tyr, Vito, Petey, Monday, and Rookie from my bwog!  Annuver great 'zampo of a fantastic Bully is my good buddy, Fifty va 2-legged Pitbull.  You can be his friend on Facebook and everyfing, just click vis: Fifty

He came from va rescue I vowunteer wiff, Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus .  Here's a picture of moms and Fifty!

Now I have heard va word "bully" but it means somefing else and I'm real confused and sadness.  Moms tried to expwain what a hooman bully is and I fink vis is just real awful.  She says it are when one hooman picks on annuver hooman and is real meanness for no reason whatsoever 'cept vey are not good peepows.  I guess it happens wiff childrens mostwy, but even grown ups do it, sometimes hoomans bully animows, and everyfing.  Why would anyone do vis?!?!  Shouldn't everyone be loved and supported??  I don't always agree wiff my sissypants, but I will always be niceness and help her when I can and I real love her!

I do not have a picture of a bully to put here cuz my famiwy and friends are all real awesome sauce and don't do vis kind of fing, so I made my first drawring instead.  Vis is what I fink a bully looks like.

Pwease, famiwy and friends, be kind to each uvver.  Why make life miserabow for anyones??  If you or anyone you know is being bullied, talk to someone.  Sometimes just sharing what happened makes you feel better, OK?.  You can tell your moms, dads, bruvvers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, teachers, neighbors, or anyfing!!  You are loved!!