Friday, March 30, 2012

I'm a big brover!!

Moms and dads are 'dopting Fare Bear!!  We are calling her Sarah now, vo.  Moms had a big talk wiff me about being a good zample for Sarah to learn from cuz I'm so smart and everyfing!  I real like to see moms and dads wiff smiles, and Sarah helps wiff vat, so she can stay!!  I never was a big brover before, moms says it's very spesho.  Here we are vis morning pwaying treat games.

Vat crazy puppy went away last night wiff Jenfur.  Phew!!!!  He were making me so madness!!!

I have to start packing for vacation.  Next week I fink my friend Vito Vizsla are going to help me write va bwog.  Stay tuned!!!


Thursday, March 29, 2012

What is going on in vis pwace????

Jenfur came over while moms and dads were home and brought us a fuzzball!  It are a boy named Forrest, and I don't like him in my house at all!!!!  He pretends to be real cuteness, but ven he jumps all over us.... gawd puppy, get out of here!!!  He barks in his crate and whines awot, and also tried to have va sexy business on mom's leg!  Get away from my momma, you perv!

Moms has va house all gated off, Cals and I are stuck in va famiwy room if va puppy is out.  Farrah/Sarah seems to real like him, but Cals and I are packing his bags today!!!  Two puppies, for reals???  Moms says it is just for today, he is an IDR orphan and I need to be nice.  Well, if it is just for today, I guess I won't growler at him as much.  But he better not touch me, I will get fuzzy boy cooties, eeuuwwwwwwww!!!!!  Run, Forrest, run out of here!!!

I hope tomorrow is a better day.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hogan & Dada bike shop!

Dads like to make bicycles and ride vem.  I hope he makes me a tricycle so I can go wiff, or maybe gets a sidecar!  I read one bwog about a dog who rides everywhere wiff his daddy in a bicycle sidecar, yay! 
Sometines we work on va bikes in va house....

Sometines we work on vem in va garage.  What von heck?!?!?!  Get out of our workshop, Farrah!!  GAWD!!


In over news, my sister Cals is doing better, moms said.  She were real grumpy last night when she came home from docker and was real hungry business.  Cals said all she got was some water in va car!  Moms fed her and ven she just wanted to go seep seep.  I licked her ears cuz she real likes vat, ven she took a nap.  Vis morning she are all back to normal!  Yay!!

I need to start packing for vacation... next week I go away for 4 days!!!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm a good boy, dads said so!

I get to pway wiff Farrah all va time now!  Dads says I'm such a good boy and a good teacher for Fare Bear cuz I are gentle and also good at pwaying!  Vis morning we pwayed inside, cuz Fare got out of her pen.  It was so much fun!  I kept telling her "be gentle, ok?" and if she wasn't I used my big boy voice to tell her "cut it out!".  She listened real good!

Ven I made a Facebook page all for me!  I have friends on vere now and it is so fun!  I have my own email, too!  Life are good!


Monday, March 26, 2012

Now VAT was a fun weekend!

All free childrens came to our house vis weekend!  I real love my childrens... I call vem children number 1, children number 2, and children number free!  Vey are so nice to me and we have awot of fun!

Farrah puppy is still at our house.  One day, I went in va kitchen and busted her taking my toys!!!  See my toy box?  She were taking everyfing out, and everyfing!  GAWD Farrah, stoppit!

Yesserday, Auntie Susan and Auntie Tawni brought over baby Jax.  He are super cuteness and a real nice boy.  I got to meet him and we barked at each other, haha!  I was glad vey came to visit!! I fink Farrah got to pway wiff Jax because she were outside wiff moms and everyone and ven came in and was super tired, which never happens!  After our guests weft, we got ready for some din din.... here we all are, see Farrah is still seep seep!

Ven, moms, dads, and children number 1 let me and Farrah outside to pway.  Between you and me, I real like Farrah.  We had awot of fun pwaying!  Moms said we had to go very easy cuz of Fare Fare's surgery....  Weeeeeeeeee!!!

I wouldn't real complain if she never gotted adopted.  Have a good day, my friends!



Thursday, March 22, 2012

She are back!!

Moms came home from work yesserday and gave us din din, took us for walks, and ven she went out.  When she came back, she had Farrah wiff her.  I could tell from one sniff vat Farrah was at va dockers office.  She were real tired and calm.  Moms said to let her rest cuz she had va surgery.  I had surgery once, too, and ven got real sickness and was in hospitow.  I gave Farrah kisses frew va gate cuz I felt badness for her.  Cals was even happy to see Farrah again.... oh gawd, two black bitches mean trouble I fink!!!  When dads got home, Farrah was SO happy.  I fought her nub would wag right off her body, she was wagging so fast!  She knows how to lean real good, too.  Dads almost fell right over!

Cals and I decided to pway for awhile.  We real love bitey face kissy snout.  We run around and around after, and make faces at each uver.  Cals makes va best faces, ever!  I have to duck sometines cuz she has real sharpness teef!!!  I have a lot of boo-boos on my side, vat is why vey call me Boozer sometines.  I don't mind that name, moms always sounds happiness when she says it :-) 

Moms said Jenfur is coming today, I can hardly wait!  She is va best and we real love her!!  Have a good day, everyone.  And everyfing!!!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Farrah Farrah Farrah!

I are getting real tired of hearing bout Farrah.  Farrah vis and Farrah vat!  Yesserday I got to meet her, up close.  Moms and I were on a walk and dads was out wiff Farrah.  We got to sniff each other and ven we pwayed a little bit.  I was having so much fun, but VEN she nipped my buttsy!!!  My precious widdle hiney vat I'm very protective of!!!  GAWD Farrah, gawd!  Vat was rude!  I growlered at her and ven walked away.  Big doodie head!  I went in va house and ven moms took Cals outside.  I was happy to have some awone time, but ven remembered I hate being awone!  Moms, dads, Cals, and Farrah all came back in and ven I had va happy again.  Until I came in va kitchen and vere was moms, snugglerin wiff Farrah....  I spoke up about it, cuz vat is MY momma! Moms said I'm still her number one boy.... good fing, moms!

Ven I saw dads eating pizza and vere is Farrah, sitting pretty.  What a showoff!!!  I know more ven her, I went to schools and everyfing!

Today moms took Farrah wiff her.  Cals and I are happy to have a quiet day of rest.  I wonder if Farrah is coming back?  She is kinda fun...


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Well, I didn't expect vat!!!

Dads came home yesserday wiff a black Dobergirl.  Gawd, dads, we already have a feisty black Dobergirl!!!  Vis one is name Farrah and she are actually real cuteness.  She are pwayful and has awot of energy!!  Vis is a picture of her I took:

Moms says we can't "mingle" wiff her yet cuz we have to get to know her first.  So moms put up a fence fing and we can see her and sniff her wiffout trouble. 

Even Cals is being niceness to Farrah, which is freaking me out!!  I don't real like how happy moms and dads get when vey pway wiff Farrah.  I am va baby in vis famiwy and I fink vey forgotted vat.  So ven I climbed in a bed and pouted.

Dads also brought home some strange fing vat makes va weirdest noises!!  What von heck vis is????

Moms took vis animal wiff her today and said he won't come back.  Probly a good fing cuz Cals and Farrah were real excited about it!

Farrah wants to pway... she is in my big boy crate and I'm loose wiff Cals.  Maybe I can break her out!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Somefing is going on....

Vis morning, I had to help moms get my big boy crate out of va basement and set it up in va kitchen.  Vis is va crate my Bulldog puppies were in and now I wonder if we will get new puppies!  Moms also brought out my baby crate.  What von heck is going on???  Moms says "you'll see later, Boo Bear.  It will be fun!"  Now I can hardly wait for what is coming later.  I inspected va baby crate to make sure it is all cwean and safe.  I brought up my blankies, too!  I love fostering!!

Have a good day, my friends.  And remember to try and help animals in need near you, too!  Vere are so many ways to help!!  I am a foster dad, but you can also help drive animals around, do paperwork like moms does, go to events and meet people, and everyfing!!!



Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekends are real nice!

Hi everyone, and everyfing.  I real like weekends cuz moms is home all va time wiff us.  Some weekends we also have va childrens, which is va bestest!  Vey didn't come vis weekend but I did bunches of stuff wiff moms and dads...

First, moms and I did fings in va yard.  She was cweaning up branches and poop from winter.  I was checking out va Daffys vat are back!  I real love flowers.

We didn't go on a hike yesserday cuz it was funder and lightning outside for awhile.  But when it got nice outside, moms and dads gave Cals and I bone bones for to chew on.  Vey were SO good.  We still have vem today for more chewing!

Today it was beyoootiful outside.  Cals and I sunbazed, chewed bones, ven moms and dads put us in va car wiff vem and away we went to va marsh for hiking!  Here's me and Cals, taking va front.  Cals was getting real hotness and kept asking for a wagon to be pulled in.  She are getting to be old lady!

We took a rest for a widdle bit.  We always look in opzit directions in case va enemy is coming!

Now it's time to snuggle wiff dads.  He is my bestest buddy ever.



Saturday, March 17, 2012

I gotted fan mail!!!

Vis morning moms was checking email and ven she was waughing and waughing and showed dads and he was waughing and waughing!  Here is my first fan email, it's from my Auntie Pam:

"Is Hogan working at a store now?"

I don't real see what is so funny, you put toofpaste on your teef to bwush...  but I was gwad to hear from Auntie Pam!  Moms says vis is a typo, and I have speakos :-)

It is real niceness outside so I'm going for a hike with my famiwy.  Have a good day!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bed beds....

Anover fing I real love are bed beds.  Specially when moms buys a new one.  But I fink moms is getting old brain or somefing cuz she bought 2 more new beds last night, even vo we have 8 beds already.  Or maybe we are having 8 more dogs cover over for to pway???

Vese are va newest bed beds.  Vey feel wike a sheepy on one side, moms said.  I asked if we could just have a sheep come over to use some of va beds!

Moms put va new beds in va family room, but my sister can't even share at all!  She took one of vem and made a taco bed, which I real like, but ven got comfy in va taco and put her stinky feets on MY bed.  I can't seep seep in a bed wiff her touching it!!!  She are crazy and may go cuckoo on me!

Ventually I got bwave and sat on my bed while her feet were still on it..  I are smart and kept one ear pointed back at her, in case she tried to bust a move I'd be ready to ninja!

Ven moms saw everyfing and told Cals she had to share.  Haha Cals, busted!  Moms put one bed away from va taco bed and while Cals was moving around, I stole va taco.  Vat's right, poop face, Cals!!!  Who is queen B now??


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh for cwying out loud!!!

Vis morning started out ruff...  I was running around va house and moms says "Bobo, what's on your feet?"  I didn't know, so I wooked down.  OMG!  I had toidy paper from va bathroom stuck to my paws, again!! 

I don't wike when moms laughs and laughs like vat.  I were so embarassed!!!  She helped me get it all off my paws and ven I went and beat up one of my beds... stupid bed!

But now it are sunny and bright outside, just my kind of day!  Cals and I have our sungwasses and are ready for serious sunbazing! Have a good day, everybody!  Fanks!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What in von heck????

I are so madness at Cals right now!  I were sunbazing and she went on vis puter and did my bwog!  Gawd Cals, GAWWWWWD!!!  You are so rudeness and everyfing!  I can't even bewieve it!  How come you always haffa talk about you?  Get your own bwog, big doody head!  Now I'm going to go cwy and also tell moms and dads on you!! 



Hi!!!  Hoga left his computer on and signed in to his blog while he sunbathes in the kitchen... sucka!!! 

My name is Cali, and I'm beautiful, smart, a good dancer, a good singer, and I'm perfeck!  Momma says my birth mom was a sweet, gentle, beautiful red girl and my daddy was from Argentina and very serious!  I like to think I'm a spicy, sassy, lady :-) 

Here I am, so beautiful!  I'm so beautiful, Auntie Lauren did a photo shoot!

I'm a very popular girl!  I volunteer with rescue and go on home visits and to PR events.  Here I am, being famous....  me and Lindsay the Loop Girl...  everyone was saying "what a knockout!" and even asked for autographs!

This is my friend, Rogan and I with some Hooters girls.  We were a big hit! 

Sometimes I go to work with Momma to keep her company.  I'm real good at work.  She puts out a bed and I rest my eyes!  Sometimes I bark when people come to visit, but that's what I supposed to do.  I don't like people in my space!

I might get my own blog. I don't know why Hoga is so famous... he is ugly and he smells.  I don't know why Momma brought me a brutha.  I was doing fine as an only dog!  Now Hoga and I are like a unit and go everywhere together.  I actually do like it, but I'll never let Momma know!

Have a good day, everybody!  Smile!

Very truly yours,

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Lately, moms and dads are talking awot about puppies.  Vey are Freaking.Me.Out!  I am va puppy in vis house, and vat is vat!  I real love puppies, vo, so maybe a puppy would be nice...  hmm.  I told moms to just go frew my puppy photo album and pretend I'm a tiny baby again.  We wooked frew awot of pics and here are some of our favorites:                                          

Vis is me at Momma Karin's house, I was so tiny!  Real handsome already, too!  Moms said I had a good movement for a wittle guy... gross moms, why are you talking about baffrooming??

Moms says vis is va first picture of me she ever did see.  Wow, are I gorgeous or what??  Moms says I was apposed a be a show dog!

Vis was when I came to live wiff moms.  Vat was my chicken hawk toy, I killed it on va first day!  Moms sewed it up and I carried it around for a wong time.

Moms started taking me to school right away.  I learned "sit" when I was still in ear posts!  Check out my fwame neckwace, that was an awesome one!

I real loved sunbazing even as a pupper.  I real love our deck, too, even now.  I just lay vere and lay vere until moms or dads says I'm gonna burn up!

All vese puppy pictures make ME want a puppy, too!  I am an uncle now, my sister Livia had 4 babies!  Vey are so tiny and real cuteness!  Moms says vere are no red girls and vat gives her va bummers.  Good fing she has me for her red head!