Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Being 'cited AND a good sport!

Vis week was va Westminster Kennel Club dog show.  It's a very special and bigness dog show wiff some of va bestest dogs around va country in it!  I real like to watch vis show every year.  Vis year, I was even more 'cited cuz my friend, Fifi va Doberman (Fifinator!) was showing again.  Last year, she won va Working Group but ven lost Best In Show to a little caterpillar dog :-/

Earlier in va day yesserday, I watched Breed judging on momseses 'puter.  It was real tense vere for a few minutes as it looked to be between Fifi and a red girl named Bella who also is very prettiness.  But Fifi won breed. 

When moms got home, I said "Don't forget we have to watch va dog show, OK???  OK??????"  Of course she said yes and put it on.  But it wasn't Dobermans yet, it was va sporting dogs, a Vizsla (I pronounce it Veeeeeshwa!!!) in particular.  Sigh, I'd have to wait. Vere were so many real handsun and beyootiful animows at va show.  Boy vose judges sure had hard jobs!

And ven, vey showed Fifi on va sidelines, getting ready to go into va ring!  Be still my beating heart!  She is such a pretty girl and also is very niceness.  Did you know Fifi's great-grandpa is my grandpa???  Cool, huh?  I put SFB in her crate so I could have free time to watch va show! 

Va Working Group started and vere were a wot of nice dogs and bitches to look at (don't fink I'm cursing, OK??  Female canines are called bitches... GAWD!).  It was Fifi's turn and I was so nervousness!  Vegas had odds of 7-1 on her winning va whole shebang!  Fifi did a great job.  She is built so well, has a gorgeous coat, and real loves her moms.  I always love seeing vem togever!

In va end, she didn't win Group.  I was very sad for her and Jocelyn (her owner and handler) as vey work real hard to get to where vey are today.  Moms and I had a talk, vo, about being a good sport and how 'portant vat is.  Moms reminded me vat EVERY dog vere worked hard and it was an honor to be at the show.  I know Jocelyn & Fifi were very gracious to all va winners and were very happy to have been part of va show. 

Va lesson I learned?  Just because fings don't go how you hoped or planned doesn't mean you can't still be nice to vose around you.  Be fankful for all va good stuff in life, OK?  And Fifi?  You'll always be #1 in the eyes of so many!



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