Friday, May 31, 2013

Being in a parade!

On Memorial Day vis year, me and my whole famiwy got to be in a parade in a pwace called Itasca!  Me, moms, dads, SFB, children#1, children#2, and children#3 all piled into va truckie and off we went to find Itasca and our friends and fellow volunteers from Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus .  When we arrived, I couldn't bewieve how many of my friends were going to be in va parade wiff us!  Luckily, va wetness maker didn't turn on va whole way, so we stayed dry and everyfing.  I told SFB to be a good girl and be nice to everyone, and she did a good job.  I met a wot of real niceness peepow and we have already heard from some of vem who want to adopt.  I call it a good day!  Here are some pics!

It was good to see Auntie Lindsay & Murphy & Lily, Auntie Lauren & Unca Steve, Auntie Pam & Unca Mike & Degas & Cooper, Pat & Linda, Kim, and Alicia!

SFB met a wot of little childrens and was a real good girl wiff vem.  Puppy pants is learning!!

It's real tiring to be in a parade.  All va walking, meeting peepow, trying to pickup all va candy vey are frowing, only to hear moms and dads yell "No HOGAN!!  OUT!".  I gotted a couple pieces down before vey knew it vo, haha!!

Love, Hogie

Fanks to Aunties Lauren & Lindsay for va photos!

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