Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Being Marriaged!

Hi everyones!!!  I totes ma goats forgotted about my bwog!  Life has been real busy since we moved.  Some sad fings, some happy fings.  Moms says vat are just va way life are.

In somefing called "September", my famiwy gotted marriaged!  I decided to change my last name cuz moms changed hers so why not, right?  Here are some pics from our speshow day.  I real wish our Sarah Farah Bearah could've been wiff us <3

Here I are, before va ceremony.  Cuffwinks, top hat, and bowtie!  

Vis are my Auntie Amy.  She and I spent va day togevver, like a date!  

 Here are me and my bruvvers, during va ceremony!

Oh em GAWD!!!  Who invited von awien????

Reception time!  Give me your shrimps!!

Me and my best grrrr.... moms <3

Time to modow, hahaha! 

Uncle Jason and Auntie Amy tooked me to my house... I made AA sit in va back seat, but ven felt bad she were a lonesome!  

Here's my famiwy.  I real love vem all!

Ve end.

Hogan Schmidt

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