Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Being 'formative 'bout heartworm disease

In vis bwog, I will talk 'bout heartworm disease and you will learn why giving your pups heartworm memmicine every monf is so 'portant, OK??  I am a vowunteer wiff Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus.  A wot of dogs we bring into our program come in "heartworm positive".  When vis happens, vey have to get real painfulness treatment for it.  Not only does it hurt vem, but it costs rescue a wots of money, too!  It's much kinder to give your pup memmicine every monf to prevent heartworm disease ven make vem possibwy go frew all va pain, right?  It's not even vat 'spensive!

Here is a link to real helpfulness information on heartworm disease:

Here is my friend, Mac, who is awesome sauce and a real goodness boy, but is getting treatment for heartworm.  During treatment, Auntie Pam keeps va dog real quiet: no pwaying, no running around, or anyfing! Just crate rest.  Wouldn't vat be awful??

I was real happiness to hear from many of my friends about getting veir heartworm memmicine.  Vey even sent some pictures, and you know I real love pictures!

Vis is Comet, an IDR+ alumnus!  Auntie Mary never misses a monf of heartworm memmicine for Comet, yay!  Nice sit and watch, Comet!
Vis is Murphy, my Auntie Lindsay's boy.  Hey, he is an IDR+ alumnus, too!  Look how excited he is to get his heartworm memmicine!  Good job, buddy!  Make sure your sister gets hers, too, OK??  :-)
Vis is my brover in red-headed-awesome-sauceness, Noble!  Oh em GAWD, he is an IDR+ alumnus, too!!  Haha, I have a wots of rescue friends!  Anyway, Auntie Sherri & Unca Rob sometimes put stickers on Noble to remind vem to have his memmicine, hahaha!  Just kidding!  But look how handsome and helpful he is :-)

Here is me, my sister SFB (OK, anover IDR+ alumna!!!) and my sister Cals.  We REAL love our memmicine and get so 'cited when it's time to get it.  Moms and dads always make us sit nice and watch before we get it vo.  But it is worf it!

I hope vis was helpfulness and fun to read, too.  If you want more information on vis, email me or moms and we will do our best to help, OK?

Take care and stay healthy, friends!


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