Monday, April 22, 2013

Being a patient

Every now and ven, moms and dads and I go visit Docker Paul.  He is va one who figured out my angry butt disease (Irritable Bowel Disease, for va record, fanks moms!) and he helps me to feel betterness.  He gives me a 'jection of B12 which helps my body process fings better.  Now, I also get to take green jelly beans two times a day wiff my food!  Moms says vey are really called Gas-X, which sounds really silly business to me!

Over va weekend we visited Docker Paul and he says I'm doing great!  Sometines while I'm waiting for him to come in I get nervous and need to snuggler.  Dads is awesome sauce and helps me not be nervous.

Ven Docker Paul comes in and gets on va floor wiff me and pets me all over!  He's a real gentle, nice man and I real like him a wot!  I even bring my puppy, Sarah, to see him, too!  He is at Animal Care Clinic in Algonquin.  If you need a great vet, he's va bestest!!!  Dr. Paul Bierlein (fanks again, moms!).

Once my 'pointment is over, I get a wot of treats from va girls up front and more pets and snugglers.  Ven we head home.  Vat wasn't so bad!!


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