Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sad times in dogdom...

I keep reading about Lennox, va poor dog put to seep seep just cuz of how he looks.  Moms and I always talk about vis probwum, cuz it are happening all around us.  My heart hurts for Lennox's famiwy and I are real mad vis happened.  But now I want to see what moms and I can do here in va US, too, to stop what is called, wait a minute.... lemme have moms spell it right.  Breed Specific Legislation.  It's real badness stuff, everyone.  Dogs and peoples shouldn't be judged by how vey wook.  All sorts of animals and peoples do badness stuff, but vat doesn't mean ALL animals and people are bad, right? 

It is hardness to be one of va breeds vat people are scared of.  Sometines on our walks, people go to va over side of va sidewalks to avoid me and my sisters.  Or vey don't want to pet us when we are hanging out at Starbups.  What von heck?  I didn't do anyfing wrong or mean!  I wag my nub, I put my ears in flight-landing position and everyfing!  It's a shame when people stick to what moms says are stereotypes and assume all of one breed are bad cuz vey heard a story about vem.  I have a wot of friends who are "scary" according to society....  it just isn't fair.

People should be more like dogs. Love everyone unconditionally, don't judge.  Unless vey are sniffing your butt, which I don't real like.  Ven you can make a low growler noise, OK? 

I'm off to read more about BSL.  I fink I'll go to Starbups wiff moms and dads vis weekend so more people can meet a nice Doberman.  Even one mind changed makes a difference!!!


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