Saturday, October 20, 2012

Being "dangerous!"

Va monf of October is also called "Pibble Awareness Monf".  I fink everyone should focus on Pibbles every day cuz vey are real niceness and everyfing!  I have a wot of Pibble friends and cousins and vey are good, good boys and girls.  I am happy to call vem my friends and famiwy!  Moms always says vat John Q Public is too quick to judge.  I fink John is a doodlehead!!!  GAWD John, get to know vese dogs first and VEN talk about vem, OK???  Yes, some Pibbles aren't nice.  Also, some Poodles aren't nice (like va one vat jumped on my face at 'gility!!), little tiny dogs can be not nice, and everyfing.  You have to look at va owners and how vey treated va poor fings.  Blame vem, not a whole entire breed of dog!  A wot of people fink Dobermans and Rottweilers and German Shepherds are meanies, too.  Not fair!!!

Anyway, vis bwog is about some of va Pibbles I know.  Enjoy!

Vese are my cousins.  Mayo is va beeyooootiful girl on va left and Timmy is va handsome brindow boy on va right.  Auntie Wauren and Unca Steve are vere moms and dads.  Auntie Wauren said vis about vese two awesome sauce puppers:
Mayo was found limping along a road downstate with a broken leg, and Timmy was found limping around the hood on his elbows with bendy arms. They like "walks," "squirrels" and "grandpa"! They LOVE each other and cry when they are separated.
Moms has spent a wot of time wiff vem and real, real loves vem!  So do I!

Vis is my cousin, Tyr!  He is almost same color as me and everyfing!!  He is super awesome wiff his dog brovers and sisters and even wiff Frigga va cat!  Also, he has human sisters and a brover and is really a good boy!  He only has 3 legs but he doesn't let vat stop him from having fun and living va good life!!!  Here's his bio from when he was wiff my rescue group:  "Gimpy" was born with a club foot that unfortunately had to be amputated. He has adjusted well since he could never use it anyway. He has a great personality and anyone who gets to adopt this special boy will be getting a wonderful companion.He is fully crate trained and seems to be housebroken as well.  He is great with the other dogs but right now is separated due to the surgery. He was surrendered by a person who had bred her female Pit Bull. She was devastated to give him up but did a wonderful job of raising him until she turned him over to us.  She also now realizes how many homeless Pit Bulls there are out there and will be spaying the mom.
Love you, Tyr, you handsome boy, you!!

Oh my, anover beauty!  Vis is Miss Petey, my Auntie Andrea's awesome sauce Pibble girl!  Auntie says vis:  "We got her from some guy in Rockford who was trying to give her up but the local Petsmart or Petco would not take her because she is a Pit. How sad!  Anyway she found a loving home with us and is very happy, she is fantastic around everyone! She is quite the snuggler and loves to just hang out. I would love to bring her everywhere with me because she does so well in any situation. I must say she defiantly gives the Pitbull  a good name hopefully we can turn this crazy stereotype around!"  I hope we can, too, Auntie Andrea!!

Now introducing Vito & Monday!  Vey are owned by my Auntie Erin.  Auntie Er got marriaged and now I also have Unca Nickwis!!  Yay!!  Anyhow, vese are two of vere crew.   Monday is va bwue girl, and she are so prettiness!!  Hubba hubba!! Auntie Er says "she is a certified Canine Good Citizen and loves to meet new people every day. She really can't hold her licker. When at home she loves to lie in front of the window and calmly watch the world go by. She's quite the snuggler and can't fall asleep unless she's under the covers and in between your legs."  Awww, I love snugglers!!
Vito is va handsome brindow and white boy!  I'm told "the world is a scary place for Mr. Vito. He's happiest at home in his own yard where he can play chase games with his brothers. He is OBSESSED with balls and won't stop until you hide them all. He's a talker and likes to 'grumble' and 'complain' when getting let out of his crate. He also likes to be covered up and will completely cover himself up in his crate to go to sleep."  Aww, it's OK lil cousin!  Your moms and dads will keep you safe and stock full of bwankies!!

Auntie Er and Unca Nickwis also foster a wot for va rescue I vowunteer wiff, Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus.  One of vere fosters is a Pibble named Hockey!  He real looks like Monday, hahaha!  You can see him and read about him here:  If you fink you want to adopt him, fill out an application, OK?  Maybe Auntie Erin will pick you!  It's a real 'portant job to be a parent for a dog vat wots of people fink is dangerousness.  It becomes your job to 'splain to vat dingdong, Mr John Q Public, how good vey can be.  Are you up for vat challenge?

So far, I've learned vis about Pibbles: vey real like to snuggler and vere moms and dads always want to be wiff vem.  Doesn't every soul deserve vat? 


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