Thursday, January 23, 2014

Being safe!!!

At some point, we all moved to Awaska or somefing cuz I don't 'member being vis coldness!  BRRRR!!!!  I know my famiwy, friends, bwog readers and followers are all smartness, but just want to make some 'minders, OK??  OK!! If you have to go outside, be sure you cover up!  Vere are different fings you can do.

Wear a hat!  
My favorite hat is actually for childrens, made by Columbia.  It's real softness and super warm!  It is important for dogs like me wiff big, upright ears to keep vem covered up in extreme wevver so vey don't get bit by Mr Frost.

Wear a mask!
Vey say va real cold wevver hurts your lungs.  I don't know what vose are, but peepow are 'posed to wear masks outside.  Vis was va only mask I could find for demonstration!

Wear a scarf!
A scarf will keep your neck nice and toasty which helps keep your body warmness.  I couldn't find my scarf so borrowed my dads jammies, haha!

Dress warm!  
Be sure you have a nice, comfy t-shirt on.  If you happen to promote your favorite rescue while wearing it, all va better!  Yay Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus

Also, wear a jacket!  
If  you or your dog have a short coat like me, keep in mind our preshus little chests get real cold and fast, so a coat like vis one keeps our tummer-bellers warmness.

Anuvver suggestion from moms is boots.  I am NOT wearing vose or showing you a picture of me in vem, vo.  Vey are awful business and I cannot move when vey are on.  But, moms says it helps keep va salt out of our toesies and also helps prevent hyperfermia or somefing like vat.  I wouldn't wear my bootsies and ven I went outside and got frozen in pwace so moms had to carry me back in.  Maybe I should re-fink vis boot business.

Pwease stay safe out vere my friends!  Stay inside and snuggler if you can.  Vat is va bestest anyway!