Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Being safe, part 2: Microchips

It are real 'portant business to be sure your animows are microchipped.  What's a microchip, you ask?  Well, I did some research and here's what I founded.

First off, I have a microchip.  Moms says it was put in when I had my neuter surgery (fanks again for VAT, moms, hahaha!).  I asked moms how it gotted put in, and she had me talk to Auntie Pam.  For vose who don't know or don't 'member, my Auntie Pam is President of va rescue I vowunteer wiff (Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus ).  She has years of 'sperience working wiff animows and even knows how to implant a microchip!  Auntie Pam sent me pictures and 'splained va process.

Va blue fing is called va "chip implanter tool".  In va bag is a needow and inside va needow is va itty, bitty microchip.  Microchip companies usually provide a tag wiff veir contact info and va chip number (va yellow fing in va pic) which can go on your animows collar.  Va needow comes out of va bag and goes onto va chip implanter tool like vis:
Ven, va needow is put into va animow, kinda like when we get shotsies.  Ven you push on va implanter tool and in goes va chip.  Easy peezy!!  My orphan friend, Madison, was recently implanted and said it only hurted for a minute.  Va microchip company our rescue uses gives you stickers, yay!  Vese stickers also list va microchip number and are handy to keep everywhere, OK?  I asked Auntie Pam what microchips smell like, cuz I mean, I'm a dog and vat's what counts in my world.  She said "They really don't smell".  How silly, I fink I will start a petition to get scented microchips!  Hahaha!

So now you have your microchip, what's next?  It are real 'portant to be sure you register all 'portant information to your specific chip number, OK??  My microchip is from va company Home Again.  Moms setup an account and put in my address, name, a handsun picture of me, phone numbers for her and dads, my Docker Paul's information, and everyfing!  Here's what my company's website looks like.

Moms says it are real easy to keep all my info updated and also says it are real 'portant for parents to updated on a regular basis!  Va animows in our rescue have info vat goes back to IDR+ which is real nice as we have a 24/7 answering machine vat is always monitored - so if a dog is found, someone WILL hear right away.

Why is a microchip so helpfow?  Well, if a pet ever gets lost, veir moms/dads can put out information about va dog many ways.  One piece of info is the microchip number.  Most microchip companies can also be contacted and va missing animow can be reported.  My microchip company, for 'zampo, sends out emayos to ALL members to let vem know if an animow is missing in our area.  Vis is why it are 'portant to keep info and pics updated, as you want to show peepow who are looking what va animow looks like now, not when vey were tiny puppy, haha! 

When lost animows are found, one of va first fings done is to scan vem for a microchip in hopes of finding va owner right away.  Here is what a scanner looks like.

Moms takes me and my sissy to va vet a few times each year just to be scanned to make sure our microchip can be found and matches va microchip numbers on file.  It doesn't hurt at all, vey just, like, wave it over you, tell you "what a good boy!" and pet you.  I love being scanned!!!

So, vat's microchips in a nutshell.  Key fings to 'member:
1. Microchip your pets!
2. Keep microchip info handy at all times and update info regularly wiff your microchip company!
3. Have your pet scanned for veir chip at your annual vet exam!
4. Attach microchip info to your pet's collar!  Ven, if vey are found by someone wiffout a scanner, vey can call va microchip company and a reunion can happen sooner!

If you have any questions or want more info, pwease let me or moms know.  You can comment on vis bwog or post your question on my Facebook page ( Hotrod Hogan )

Next up in my Stay Safe bwog series, va 'portance of neckwasses and harnesses vat fit right!

Fanks for reading, OK??


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