Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Product review: Pawz dog boots

I 'cided it might be helpfow to do product reviews.  You know, moms buys me stuff and I tell you what I fink 'bout it.  OK???  OK!!!

My first product review is for Pawz Dog Boots .  Here I am wiff va package moms boughted.  Vere are 12 boots in a package, moms says it's a good deal!  Vey come in wots of sizes, too, so any pup can try vem!

As a rule, I don't like fings on my preshus footsies, so I had my doubts.  Vey were not easy business to put on.  Dads holded me and moms crammed va fing on my poor, poor paw!  I just sat vere, holding my paw up, certain it was dying a slow, painfow deff.  

I even put my unhappy ears and face on, so moms and dads knew 'zactly how I felt!

"Come here, Boozy" vey said.  And I tried, I real did!  It was like my leg were broke and I couldn't walk on it, vo.  So vey got out va treatsies, and va video camera... GAWD!

In summary, I do not like bootsies.  Pwease unnerstand I am not saying I do not like vese Pawz Dog Boots in particular, I just don't like fings on my feetsies, OK??

Here are my friends, Jade & Jax, in veir Pawz.  Vey told me vey definitely don't like wearing vem at first, but once vey get outside it real helps veir pawsies!  Look how beeyotifow my friends are!  Vey are boff real smartness, so maybe I will have to try vese again sometine.

Moms and dads also putted a boot on SFB.  She bited at it, swung her paw around like a ding dong, and even hit me in va head wiff it!  GAWD puppy, simmer settle down!  Ven she walked around OK.

Maybe I'll try again. For now, I just dash outside, do my fing, and dash back in :-)  Stay safe out vere, my friends!

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