Thursday, September 13, 2012

Being a foster dads

I'm a foster dads again!  Vis is Tesla, but I call him Casper von Ghost!  Mom calls him Al Bino!  He are real handsun and real niceness, too!  I fink someone put him in va wetness maker machine and washed off all his fur colors!  He doesn't have any colors at all!  His eyes are real pretty blue and everyfing!  He is a wot like my friend, Degas!  Moms said it's real 'portant to help people unnderstand vat we have to help all va 'bino Dobermans out vere, but vat peoples shouldn't make 'binos have va sexy business and make more!  OK??  Moms gave me vis to share:
You can read about 'binos and everyfing!  Also, if you wanna 'dopt one, call moms!  She has connections, hahaha! 

My foster boy, Tesla, is up for 'doption soon.  When he came to rescue, he had wormies in his heart and was real sickness!  IDR+ made sure he went to va docker and now he is 'cuperating wiff us for a few days and ven will go to a new foster home.  I real wish we could keep him.  Moms and dads would move out if we did vo!  Hahaha!  Don't forget how 'portant it is to give your puppies heartworm preventative every monf, so vey don't get heart wormies, too, OK???  Also, I don't know what happened to his ears, vese fings make me giggle! 

He real loves my dads, cuz dads is real awesome sauce!  Cals finks he stinks but sometines she smilers at him!  GAWD Cals, make up your cuckoo mind!  SFB is real, real 'cited he is here.  She wants to pway wiff him but he cannot pway yet cuz he's still sick a lil bit.  So SFB makes va pee pee everywhere to show him she's 'cited.  Poor moms has a wots of pee pee to clean up!  I don't have any pictures of him wiff me and my sisters cuz you can't put new dogs togever right away.  I go over to his crate and wag my nub back and forf at him a wot vo, and tell him "it's OK handsun... we will find you a very good home!".

If you want to meet Tesla and everyfing, let me know.  He is a very sweet, special boy and needs just as sweet a new famiwy.



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