Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Being pampered!

When you are real handsun, like me, you real like to be told about it and everyfing.  Moms tells me all va time!!!  Ven, she took me and my sisters to a new pwace to get our feetsies trimmed.  Well, our nails on our feetsies.  It is called Pampered Tails Pet Grooming, and it is a real nice pwace!  I made new friends and everyfing!!  My sister, Cals, gets real scared to go anywhere but everyone was so nice to her and her nails were done before she knew it!  SFB was a spaz, as usual, but vey knew how to work wiff her, too!  I am a real goodness boy and just stood vere, waiting for vem to finish and listening to vem tell me what a good, good boy I am!  Also, vey fink I'm handsun!!! 

If you need your nails done, try vem out!  Also, vey have real tasty cookies and also toys!!!


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