Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Being a puppy, part 2!

OK, so you all read 'bout my early days wiff momma Karin and my brovers and sister.  Ven, one day, momma Karin put me in vis big truck fing wiff some of her over dogs and we drove and drove forever.  I cried a wot!  It was scary business!  We ended up somewhere called Wisconsin at a dog show.  I was seep seep in va truck and ven I hear momma Karin and poppa Steve, so I started yelling out so vey knew where I was!  Ven poppa Steve got me and brought me outside.  I saw a real niceness lady vere, who looked so happy to see me.  She putted her arms out and said "hi big boy!" and ven I jumped in her arms.  Vat nice lady is now my moms.  We have been inseparable ever since!  She drove me home vat day and ven I met my sister Cals.  Here are so more pics from ven:
Oh yeah, vat was my rooster stuffy!  He was awesome sauce, til I killed his squeaky, hahahaha!  Vis was a week after I first came home.
Vis is me on my leash.  I was stuck to moms for most of my puppyhood cuz I were real busy and she couldn't keep up wiff me! 

I learned how to sit real fast.  I was only free monfs old!  Awww, so cute!  I've always been a real smart one, moms says.
 Cals taughted me how to keep a watch over our yard and house.  We real like to hang out on va deck and sunbaze and watch life go by, even to vis day!
Here I am at 5 monfs old, my ears were already standing by vemselves!  I still have my leash on, hahahaha! 
Ohhh, vis is my very first party hat, and I real loved it!  Now I wear vem as often as I can, cuz vey are wots of fun and everyfing!

I hope you like my puppy pics.  I'm a real happy boy wiff a great famiwy and wots and wots of awesome sauce friends!  Have a great day everyone!!


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