Thursday, September 6, 2012

What a doofus! Hahahahaha!!!

OK, so my sister Cals sometines has to wear a muzzy muzzler cuz she likes to chew stuff and lick va sore on her leg.  Wiff muzzy muzzler on, she can't do vat!  Well, my little sister, Sarah Farah Bearah, grabbed MM and fought it was to pway wiff.  Hahahahaha, doofus!  Moms and dads and Cals and I all laughed and laughed!

First, she just put it in her mouf and was running around va house like a spaz!  I guess it kinda works like vis... she didn't try to nibble on anyone while holding it, haha!

Ven it got stuck on her head sideways, over one ear.... what a silly pants girl!
 'Ventually, she got it on over boff ears, all by herself!  I'm not sure if vat is being clever or just lucky, haha!  I told her to sit for a pic, and she did.  She is getting smarter, kinda!
Dads helped her get muzzy muzzler off her face.  Ven she picked it up and was using it as a weapon!  Here I am telling her "don't beat me wiff it, SFB!  GAWD, you are rude!!"

Vis puppy makes us giggle a wot.  You never know what she will do next!


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