Thursday, October 25, 2012

Being somefing else for Halloweenie!

I don't real unnerstand what Halloweenie is for, but I love pwaying dress up!  I don't know what to be for Halloweenie vis year, here are some fings I fought might be good:

 Bicyco rider!!  I have all va gear I can borrow from dads!  Aren't I handsunness??

I even have a helmet to wear cuz safey is real 'portant!

I could be a superhero wiff vis mask!  Hmmm, what would my superhero name be, vo? 

 Vis is a funny wig from dads Shaggy costume.  Haha!!  Do I look like Shaggy from Scooby Do??

I used to fink I was a vampire.  Look how ferocious I was, and even had glowing eyes!

Vis is my winter hat so my beautiful ears don't get cold.  Not really a costume, but I real like it.  I could be a skier or somefing.  Oh, maybe I can get va snowboard out and be a snowboarder!!
 Vese are some awesome sauce 'weenie cookies we gotted from Auntie Sue yesserday.  OMGAWD vey are so nummy business!  My sisters and I are sharing vem! 

OK, if you have costume ideas, let me know!!


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