Friday, October 12, 2012

Being real busy ness and everyfing!!

Hi everyone!  I have been real busy ness doing stuff and everyfing like vat.  I will start doing my bwog more again, but first I fought I would catch you up on my whereabouts.  In a small nutshell, here's va scoop:

My Halloweenie neckwace came and it is va bestest neckwace yet!  It has all sorts of cuteness pictures on it and also fweece lining on va inside which is real nice on my delicate fur and skin!  You can order your own neckwaces from my Auntie Cwaudia, just look at her website!  She also makes coats, snoods, and everyfing!!

I gotted real yumminess cupcapes from Auntie Sue.  She made vem and everyfing!  OMG, SO good!  I gave one to each of my sisters, too, cuz I'm a good boy who learned to share, mom says!  Auntie made vem for her boy, Phinny, who is anover red Doberman boy and is very special.  His momma bit him in va head and everyone fought he wouldn't make it so IDR+ took him and got him betterness!  Ven he became Auntie's baby boy :-)  He's real handsome and super nice boy!

I learned vat Sarah Farah Bearah is an awien!  Hahahaha!  Look at her cuckoo eyebaws!  Speaking of eyebaws, if you're not on my Facebook page you wouldn't know vat SFB bit me in va eyebaw.  It was crazy business!  Moms says it was just accident, but I'm not so sure!

Oh, I went on a 'cation wiff moms!  We stayed at Auntie Pams house.  I had so much fun running and pwaying in her big huge ginormous yard and also seeing all my friends:  Melvin, Degas, Robin, Starbuck, Newton, Miracle, Jackie Bwackie (I'm real loving her!), Annie Banannie, and foster boy Tesla (aka Al Bino!).  Here's a pic of me and Cals wiff Newton.  Sometimes he's a little bit creepy, haha, cuz he just bulls his way wherever he wants to go!  For va record, I am NOT hiding behind Cals, I was just finking about going in va baby tiny crate.  Vat crate was totally awesome!!  I folded my legs up and climbed in!

Since I got home from a 'cation, dads has been teaching me how to pway MW3 on his EpsBops system, or somefing like vat.  It's a wot of fun and I'm awesome sauce at it! 

I have to get ready for my Big Fun Day wiff my pals His Royal Highness Va Kone and little miss Coco Von Nut.  I hope va wetness maker doesn't go on tomorrow, or else we can't go :-(

I hope you are all doing well, OK??  I real miss everyone.  Fanks for all va emails, FB notes, texts, and everyfing!


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