Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Being scared to deff!!!

So va over night, my big sister Cals like ca'lapsed and everyfing!  She were barfing during va day when moms and dads were at work and ven tried to do it again but somehow choked on it.  Fank goodness sakes moms was home ven, as she did va hindlick 'neuver on Cals and ven Cals was all betterness!  Cals got real mad cuz moms was holding her, so ven she started kickboxing moms and everyfing.  I said "Cals, stop punching moms, you jackax!"

Moms was real scared and it made me have va sadness.  I tried licking her face to make it better and everyfing.  Ven, when Cals frew up, I tried to help mom cwean it up... wiff my mouf.  Moms didn't like vat one bit!  Moms, dads, and I were talking 'bout vis hindlick 'neuver and moms says she didn't do it va right way for dogs she didn't fink.  Dads said "well, Cali is alive, so whatever you did was great!".  Ven moms started researching it more wiff me and I fought I'd post some info so peoples could make sure vey know more what to do when vere pet is sick OK?  Moms is going to edit vis some, cuz it has real 'portance!

Here are some good websites:
General info:


ASPCA Poison Control:

You should real get to know more about what is common in your dog's breed (if vey are purebred), too, cuz sometimes certain breeds have real common problems.  Like, I'm a Doberman Pinscher, and we are real 'ceptible to Bwoat, Diwated Cardiomyopafy, Wobblers, Cancer, etc.  (edit: Bloat, Dilated Cardiomyopathy).  Bwoat is va only one of vose vat is emergency really.  Moms and dads keep Green Jelly Beans (edit: Gas-X) on hand at ALL times so if vey fink me or my sisters are bwoating, we get to eat one.  Moms says it can save a life by buying time to get to va 'mergency room!  A wots of dogs of over breeds can bwoat, too, not just Dobermans, ok?

Also, don't forget vat if you fink your pet was poisoned by a big huge meanie or maybe he/she ate somefing vey shouldn't have, you can all va ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435.  Vey are real nice and helpful!  My auntie Tam works vere, and she is awesome sauce!!!

One of va topics in va link above is 'bout making a first aid kit.  It is real 'portant to have some fings on hand just to do va bestest you can if trouble comes around.  I real hope trouble stays far away from you and yours, my friends.  If it does, your moms/dads will do everyfing vey can to help, I just know it!

Stop, drop, and roll!  OK, vat is really only for fire, but I'm a fire chief, 'member??  OK!


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