Sunday, August 26, 2012

Being a puppy!

Vis one is real funness, and may take a couple of bwogs to write about, cuz I was va awesome sauciest puppy, ever!  Moms even says so!  I fink I told you all I was born in Kentucky.  I don't know what vat means, but moms always reminds me.  My doggy mom's name was Demmi and my doggy daddy is Rayman.   My first hooman mommy is mama Karin, and she is so awesome!  She has a real sweet voice and is super niceness to everyone and everyfing!  I have 1 black sister and 1 black brover and 2 red brovers!  'Livia (who is a momma now and I have va cutest nieces and nephews!), Dej, Dax, & Skyler are everyone's names.  We all live in different parts of va country, moms says, so I don't see vem anymore.  I have wots of pics from when we still lived togever vo!  Here are just a few vat make me smiler...

Here I am at 4 weeks old, wiff my brovers and sister.  Look how tiny we were!  I'm chewing on my sister, Olivia, hahaha!!  I was red collar boy!

Vis is me walking 'round mama Karin's house.  I was always real independent, vey say.  I like to check fings out!

Vis is me, being so adorable!  My friend Kay is holding me.  She wanted me and my brover Skyler, but ended up wiff Skyler so I got to come to moms!

Vis is me at 10 weeks old, being stacked.  I was 'posed to be a show dog, but couldn't cuz I was a uniballer.  Moms didn't care, she loved me no matter what!  Moms says vis is va first picture she ever saw of me!

Mama Karin and Papa Steve used to call me Spike. Sometines mom still calls me vat, haha!  But I real like Being Hogan.


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