Thursday, August 2, 2012

Being bedless

Fanks to my crazy sisters, we have NO doggie beds weft.  NONE.  Zero.  Ziwch.  Noffing.  OK, so we have couches and hooman beds, but my doggie beds were nice cuz I could move vem around to my favorite spots and seep seep my day away.  Now I have to resort to being cwever...

Vis is some sort of frow rug fing, wiff a bwankie.  I decided to seep seep by my little puppy sister, to keep her company.  I set it up next to va toy box, so I could just lean over and grab my bone bones!

Sometimes I seep seep on va carpet, wiff NO bwankie even.  Lots of times my sisters join me, moms calls it synchronized seep seep!

Last night, I found a pile of dads clothes and made an awesome sauce bed out of vem! 

Moms says if we ever stop chewing and eating va doggie beds, we'll have vem again.  I guess it isn't so bad wiffout...  time to climb on va couch while no one are here to bust me!  Have a good day, everyone!



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