Thursday, August 23, 2012

Crazy girls

Vis one was suggested by Amy P-N!  She said "There is nothing greater than reading about your crazy girls!"  Well, I could write all day, every day 'bout vose two knuckleheads, hahaha!  

My big sister, Cals, is real funny.  Like, she doesn't real care when moms or dads tell her to do stuff and everyfing.  Also, she is naughty like a puppy!  She started destroying va carpet va over night cuz she were mad moms went out wiffout her!  OMG Cals, naughty business!  She doesn't real like when me and my little sister pway, cuz we use a wot of space and sometines we bump right into her.  So ven she makes bitey face at us and growlers!  If we don't wisten, ven she puts her big mouf around our necks and makes us lie down - whoa crazy girl!  Cals just wants to eat and seep seep, mostly vese days.  She still smiles all va time, 'specially for dads.  She is sutbborn vo... Moms says to her "come ON ya old bat" a wot, hahaha!  Moms says she calls her vat wiff love <3

My little sister, Sarah Farrah Bearah, is a hot mess.  She is real nice and super sweet but she is a few light bulbs short of, somefing.  Hahahaha!  I still work wiff her a wot on manners, how to pway nice, and I tell her all va time "no pee pee or poodle in vis house, SFB!".  Sometines she wistens, sometines she doesn't.  Like yesserday, she pinkled right on dads foot!!  Also, she is finally reawizing jumping on Cals is NOT a good idea! She calls Cals the Fun Powice, hahahaha!  SFB goes to our Auntie Pam's house a wot to pway wiff over spastic dogs.  She's real niceness to vem and gets vem tired!  Ven she seep seeps a wot, which is nice for all of us!

Boff girls are silly business, but I real love vem cuz vey are my famiwy and moms taughted us to always be good to famiwy and friends.  



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