Monday, August 20, 2012

Hopes and dreams....

Fanks to my FB friends and famiwy, I'm going to be writing about fings vey suggested.  Va first one is my hopes and dreams.  I'm not real for sure what vat means.  I know I hope for steak dinner a wot, and also my own seep seep number bed, cuz I real like moms and dads bed.  I hope we never get anover puppy, cuz vis one is driving me cuckoo!  I hope moms and dads never have to work again so we can be togever all va days long.  Also I hope all my rescue friends get homes and some day, no more of vem go into rescue.  I hope we get a huge yard, like Auntie Pam's, cuz vat is awesome sauce.  I hope my butt stops being so angry!

I dream a wot!  Somtines I dream vat I am a horsey and I can run real fastness!!  I dream I'm still a puppy and am nursing from my dam, hahah!  My sister Cals dreams she is a zebra and makes va funniest noises, hahaha!!

Vat is all I know 'bout dreams and hopes :-)  How'd I do, Auntie Amy??



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  2. You did an amazing job Hogie!!! I love that Cali is a Zebra and you are a puppy! Keep up the great work! Madi and I are so proud of you~ Auntie Amy & Madi