Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New hobbies!

Vis one was suggested by my Auntie Christina!  I asked moms what hobbies are.  She said sunbazing is one. Well, I can't imagine anyfing better van vat!  Auntie Christina said maybe skateboarding, hahaha!  So I've been doing research on skateboarding.  I fink I might be able to do it!  I was real goodness at 'gility, and like the va teeter is a skinny board and everyfing, so maybe vis would be like vat?!?  I also read about a guy named Tony Hawk, and I fink my name would be Hogie Dawg \m/  Rock on, dudes!!

I know vere are some dogs vat skateboard and even read 'bout a Cockatiel vat likes it!  Seems like a wot of Bulldogs like it, I wonder if my friend Newton skateboards?  I'll have to ask Auntie Pam ;-)  He probly would like a skateboard a wot more van walking, hahaha!!

I looked around va house and asked moms and dads for a skateboard.  No luck.  I will ask my childrens, as I know va boys have vem.  Dads did find a snowboard, vo, and I might try vat when va white wetness maker goes on vis winter!

I will try different fings, if you suggestions let me know, OK?


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