Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I'm back!!

Hi everyone, and everyfing!!  I've been real busy ness doing stuff and everyfing like vat.  We got new couches and a new screen door, so I've had a wot to sniff and investigate lately.  Also I've been training va puppy more, cuz she needs all kinds of help!  GAWD, puppy, grow up already!  Here are some pics of some stuff..

 I fell to seep seep waiting for va 'puter.  Dads was real busy doing stuff, and everyfing.  I real like to snuggler wiff him, so I waited and waited, and ven couldn't stay awake any more!
 Me and dads on va new couches!  Moms says it's va same couches, but vis is softer and also matches me!  Dads said "don't go on the couch, Boozer" so I climbed on him instead!
 Teaching puppy to just lie down and be normal.  It's real hardness work!!
 Here is SFB behind va big door, looking at va screen door she mutiwated.  Moms couldn't stand looking at it anymore, so...
She bought vis screen fwap fingy.  It's pretty niceness, but sometimes Cals can't see it real well and just runs into it and tears va whole fing down!!  I keep trying to help her get frew it va right way, poor girl.

Well, I hope everyone is doing real goodness.  I have a wot of fings to bwog about now, fanks to my Facebook friends.  Some I don't unnerstand but I will write anyway.  Stay tuned!!


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