Monday, July 16, 2012

Being luckiness!!!

Wow!!!  Moms and dads went for a bye bye yesserday and ven when vey came home, vey had presents for me and everyfing!!  Vey said my presents are from Auntie Sue, remember Auntie Sue everyone?  She made me fire chief and bought me my most favorite hat ever!  Well, moms said vese presents were for my birfday but it took a wong time for her to meet up with Auntie.  GAWD moms, what a slacker you are!!! 

I can always tell when Auntie Sue sent somefing cause it smells like goodness and I have a real good sniffer!  I 'vestigated va bag moms brought and ven she told me "gentle" so she could take pictures.  I noticed right away my presents said my name!!!

Ven mom turned vem over and I couldn't bewieve it!!  A firetruck and fire hydrant chocolate lollipops, made 'specially for me!!!  Moms said it is real special kind of chocolate vat dogs can have.... we can't have people chocolate.  Wow, aren't vese coolness???

She also gave treatsies for my sisters, which is real nice, but vis isn't a bwog about vem, hahahahaha!!!  Fanks Auntie Sue, you give me va happy!


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