Monday, July 9, 2012

Being va boss!

Sometines it is real hardness to get my way.  I have 2 sisters and boff have real attitude probwems sometines.  Well, I always let Cals have her way cuz she has very sharpness teef!  SFB finks she are va boss every  now and ven, so we tell her, NO, you are NOT!!!  Here I am, wanting her off my couch.

She won't go, so ven I start yelling at her "get OFF, puppeh!!!"  She yells back at me "you're not va boss of me!!"  Lil' punk!!

Ven Cali, va fun police, comes over to tell her a fing or two!  SFB sits real still like and listens to Cals, but doesn't move off va couch!

So I tackow her!  Hahah!  Get off va dang couch, little baby beast!!!

She finally  moves and gets a chair of her own.

I get my blue monkey baby, bwankie great grams made, and finally get some rest.  GAWD!
It is real  harness being Hogan, guys.  Have a good day!


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