Thursday, July 26, 2012

Being popular!

Wow, am I a luckiness boy!!!  I have a wot of friends and famiwy and everyone likes to come meet me and pway!  Last night, Auntie Amy and cousin Madi Rose came over.  Vey read my bwog all va time and have been dying to meet me.  Boy, did we have fun!!!  I got out a bone bone and ven Madi and I were chatting.... Cals joined and VEN SFB put her toy on Madi's head!  Hahahahahahaha!!!

Later I told my sisters to back off, Madi and I needed awone time.  We snuggled and she helped me get my burps out cuz my tummy were upset.  She's a real good girl and she promised to come back and see me!!!

SFB was feeling left out so she hung on Auntie Amy most of va night.  Good fing my auntie and cousin love dogs that are ON your face!  Hahaha!

Have a real goodness day everyone!  Make sure you are good to va people and pets around you, and vey will be good to you, too!


1 comment:

  1. WE loved spending time with you all!!!

    Love, Auntie Amy & Cousin Madi