Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bon Voyage!!!

Vis week, dads has been packing his stuff and everyfing... but moms hasn't.  Makes me real nervousness cuz vey go everywhere togever!  Today dads asked me to help him pack some for va RAGBRAI.  I asked what it was, and dads said he will ride his bicyco all across somefing called Iowa.  He doesn't have a sidecar, so va rest of va famiwy is staying here...  me and 3 girls for 9 days, fanks a lot, dad... GAWD!!! 

I decided to try and convince dads he should take me wiff...  vis outfit pretty much fits!!!  Got my shoes!!!  Sad eyes and airpwane ears always help!


Va bicyco helmet fits, we already knew vat.  I'll be very careful and safe!!!  Plus I'm so handsun!

I even know how to program va Garmin, so we don't get lost and can keep track of how far we go!

Whaddya say, dads??



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