Thursday, July 5, 2012

How was your Forf??

I had a real goodness howiday wiff my famiwy!  Moms brought us new antwers for chewing on, and vey are SO good!!!  Va puppy unnerstands how to lie down nice and chew now, so we all had a great time!  Once in awhile, she barks at me cuz my antwer is better, but ven I just yell at her "knock it off, puppy... MINE!" 

I helped moms and dads get ready for our Forf of Juwy party, too.  Moms wanted to get all va laundry done and put away, so I climbed up next to va pile and took a sock.  I watched her fold all va fings and watched for a match!  Haha!

Ven va childrens and gramma Nancy came over!  It gave me va happy, cuz we don't always get to see vem so much!  Yay!!!  Children number free had va cutest dress on!  She were petting me, and petting me, and petting me.  More happiness!


It were real hot outside, so dads put on some sort of evil contraption called "sprinkwer".  Don't get suckered into vis, guys.  It is a wetness maker machine!!!!  "Come with daddy and cool off, Boozer!  It'll be fun" he said.  It were NOT fun, I gotted wetness!!!  GAWD!!!

We had a bubbacue and ven everyone sept over!!  Awesome sauce!  I hope you had a real goodness time, too!



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