Monday, July 30, 2012

Everyone are back togever!!!!

Moms dropped me and my sisters off at Auntie Pam's for 'cation and we were vere for 2 days.  We had so much fun pwaying, going to wine night, and everyfing!!  Ven, moms AND dads came and picked us up!  I had va happy!!!  Cals didn't fink dads was ever coming back, but I knew he would!  Once we were home, I wouldn't let him out of my sight.  I even went to seep seep on his feets so if he moved, I'd know!

I checked to be sure he were still vere when I woke up, and he were!  Yay!!!

Ven I spent some time wiff moms snugglerin, watching TV and everyfing.  She were real tired and so I just kept her company.

We boff went seep seep, hahahaha!!

Later, I found moms and dads on va big couch watching videos from dads trip.  So, I got as tiny as I could and snugglered wiff vem!  It was awesome sauce.  I love my famiwy!


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