Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kill va bed, kill it dead :-(

Sometines, moms lets me, Cals, and Sarah Farah Bearah pway downstairs by ourselves.  I mean, Cals and I are always free in va house, but SFB isn't cuz she still makes va potty business inside - GAWD!  So sometines moms and I take her outside and ven, if she are good girl, she can be running around wiff us inside.  Moms did vat wast night and went upstairs to do somefing.  She said "everyone behave!" and so I did.  But va girls made up a new game called "Kill va bed, kill it dead!".  Vey asked me to bite a hole in one of va beds, so I did.  VEN vey told me veir pwan.  OMG!!!  I was duped!  Vey started ripping out all va stuffing from va bed and put it all over va kitchen!

Moms came downstairs and said "it's awful quiet in here.... what the heck?  What are you dogs doing???"  So I ran over to her to 'splain vat vese girls MADE me break va bed and ven VEY killed it!!!

Dads came in after moms cweaned up.  I snugglered wiff him, hoping he didn't know what happened.  But he always knows and I can't keep my mouf shut.  He told me not to let va girls peer pressure me like vat, cuz he knows I'm such a good boy.  I have va best dads and moms ever!

SFB was real saddness when moms frew out all va stuffing.  She were trying to pull it outta moms hands, haha!!

So we are down to 1 nice bed and 1 bed wiff a big hole in it and not much stuffing.  We used to have a dozen beds, but vese girls keep killing vem :-(  It's hard having cuckoo bean sisters.


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