Monday, June 11, 2012

Teaching two fings at once!

First off, I hope everyone had a real goodness weekend!  I know I did!  We got to pway wiff our friend, Jessie, who came over on Saturday and hung out wiff me and my sisters.  Here she is, trying to get a picture of her and Cals, but I figured I should be in it, too!

Yesserday, moms was home wiff us and dads had to work for a wittle bit.  I did awot of sunbazing and ven when dads got home, we had a bubbacue and our Auntie Pam even came over!!!  Ven, it was time to work on training wiff Sarah Farah Bearah.  I taughted her 2 fings!

First, don't hog all va toys!  Look at vat pile of toys by her feet, what a wittle hoarder!!!  I also taughted her 'bout stalking, cuz I'm real good at vat!!!  First, I said "OK, SFB, step away from all vose toys, or I'm gonna get you!  OK???  I will stalk you!!"

Ven I said "OK, you didn't move or get rid of va toys, so here I come!  Coming in real cwose!!!"  She still didn't do anyfing, so I ran away and tried again. 

Vis time, I told her about proper ways to pway and stalk.... "See puppy, I walk slowly by your face, no hackles, and I keep my body curved... vat means I'm not angry, OK???"  Ven she jumped on my face.  :-/  I will try again!!  Have a good day, everyone, and everyfing!!!


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