Monday, June 18, 2012

Costume party!!!

My weekend was awesome sauce!!!  Va childrens were here and we had so much fun togever!  Va only part that wasn't good was vere were NO birfday party hats for children #3s party!  GAWD!  But, I got to wear her new hat, and it was so neat!

I also got to wear some of children #1s shorts, hahaha!  I'm real hansome, aren't I???  He kept saying he didn't have any shorts here, but I found vem and brought vem downstairs to him!!

In over news, Sarah Farah Bearah real likes to snuggler and now she wants to snuggler wiff me all va time!  Probly cause I'm so smart and everyfing like vat.  Least she doesn't bite much anymore, haha!

Sometines, vo, I want to be weft awone to seep seep!  Vat is my pwan today, awots of seep seep!  Vose childrens wore me out!

Have a good day, OK???


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