Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Being a fire chief

When I was still a baby puppy, moms used to take me for long walks all va time.  One morning, we were almost home from our walk and we heard a real loudness BANG noise.  Moms said "oh no, oh no" and ven I wooked and saw vis car all banged up and ven vere was anover car banged up and broken pieces everywhere.  Moms and I ran over vere and a girl got out of one car and was crying and had bleeding on her!  Moms told her not to move too much and va girl sat on va curb by side of va road.  Moms made sure va powice were cawed and ven we sat wiff vis girl who was so sad and it made me sad.  So I got into her lap, real gentleness like and she hugged me and hugged me.  I even got a wittle of her bleed on me, but I didn't car cuz she was so upset.  I kissed her face and made va tears go all away!  Ven we heard va most awesome noise ever!  Moms calls vem "sirems".  Woo woo wooooooooooooo!!!!  My whole hiney was wagging cuz vat noise was so AWESOME!  A big huge truck came and people got out of it to help va girl and va over car people.  Moms said "look at the firetruck, Bogie!"  I could hardly contain my small self!  Moms talked to all va people for a bit and helped va girl get in anover truck with sirens, called ambulance.  Moms and I started walking home, but I just HAD to check out va fire truck, so I jumped in as we walked passed.  It was SO cool! Ven a man walked up and said "hey, what are you doing in here??"  I could feel moms get nervous, cuz my weash was on and it was trembling.  Moms was 'pologizing to va fire chief man, but ven he said "You look like a real good boy.  Are you a good boy??"  I jumped up and tried to kiss him, and we giggled.  I begged him to make va sirems go off again, and he did!  He said I could be a fireman!

Ven my Auntie Sue sent me my own fire chief hat!!!  OMG!  It's my favorite hat, ever!!!


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