Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Puppy are sickness!

Poor SFB has a sick hiney.  She were sick all day yesserday and all night, too.  Moms and dads will take her to va docker today.  I don't fink she feels real badness, vo, cuz she keeps jumping on me and wants to pway, and everyfing!  I looked right at her and said "Sarah, you are sickness, OK???  Settle down and rest, OK????"  Ven she jumped on my head again.... sigh.  Cals told her she smells and shouldn't make business in va house.  Cals are real rude sometines.

Moms gave SFB a baff in va wetness maker machine.  I hid downstairs, in case moms got any bright ideas to give me a baff too.  GAWD no!!!  When SFB came downstairs, I helped her dry off by cleaning her fur.  Ven I put her in her crate for seep seep.  I hope she are feel better soon!!



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