Thursday, June 21, 2012

Being a teacher...

Moms and I met up wiff my Auntie Sandra and her boy, MonTaj at va park.  It were a real nice night out!  MonTaj is going to take his Canine Good Citizen test soon, and moms and Auntie S were talking all 'bout it and practicing some fings.  I helped be va teacher, cuz I have my CGC and am a good boy!! 

Here's a picture of me at va wetness maker fing (moms says it's called "fountain").... it sprayed va wetness on me, so I stuck my tongue out, hahaha!!

Vis is MonTaj... he are real handsun and real smartness, too!  Auntie Sandra 'dopted him from IDR+ when he were just a baby puppy!!!!  Now he are all growed up :-) He goes to school wiff her for sniffing stuff and also 'bedience! 

Monty also has a real cool neckwace, wiff peace signs and rainbows on it!  I real like vat neckwace!!!

After we practiced some 'bedience stuff, we all sat around and talked and everyfing.  Vere was awot of good stuff on va ground to eat, but moms kept saying "out of your mouf!" so ven 'Taj and I just hung out.  Aren't we 'dorable???


Before I knew it, we had to go back home.  I jumped up on va picnic table and snugglered wiff my Auntie for a wittle bit.  She always knows just what to say and where to scratch my head!!!

Ven I had to snuggler wiff moms, so she wouldn't be jealousness.  I real love my moms!!!

Have a good day everybody, OK???


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